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Erickson Family in Puerto Morelos days 3 and 4

By: ericks5 (View Profile)
Date: 12/23/2008

Days 3 and 4
Sunrise on day 3

On the 2nd full day we are here we went on a zipline tour in the jungle. My wife Kris had set it up for the dan to pick us up at 8:30 in
the morning. So in the spirit of not wanting to make the van driver wait for us we went out to the curb and waited for him. And waited........
and waited.........and waited.........and waited.
Watching the ants climb a tree
Finally after an hour the driver shows up, he couldnt find our place. No problem, we are on vacation and dont really have to be anywhere.
So we drive out to the jungle and meet the people that run the Boca Del Puma adventures place. They were all very nice and
knowledgable. There was alittle bit of a language barrier but between my broken Spanish and our guides broken English
we got around just fine.
Getting everyone ready for the zipline.
Mr. "Yo Soy El Diablo" on a mellower note

So we go and climb up this big tower, it was like climbing the lighthouse on Punta Sur
Looking down.

Looking out over the first run and everyone is saying "I dont want to go first" and Im thinking that I dont want to go first
but Im the patriarch of the family and I had better go first.
It was kinda like jumping into water that you know is cold you dont want to think about it, just do it. So I did. It was great once
I knew that nothing was going to break and send me plummeting to my death.
After we were all said and done we decided that we need to build a zipline at home. Maybe from our house to the neighbors so
we dont have to walk through the snow.

I love the look on A.J.s face.

After all the ziplines we go back to take off the harnesses.
The guys helping us were really impressed with our oldest, Tim. Hes a State Champion
Wrestler and built like a brick sh**house. It was funny they kept calling him Muy Fuerte and asking him if he liked "to make excercise"
another asked him if he went to "gymnasium" but he pronounced it "himnawseeum" We got a good laugh out of that.
One thing I must say is that these guys were great, very safety concious and friendly. It was a great place and I would highly recomend them
for anyone that wanted to do a zipline or climbing wall or 4wheeler tour. They are improving their grounds and building a restaraunt onsite.
We went to the cenote and swam in it with our guide. He was a really nice guy and I wish I could remember
his name. We got a little history of the cenote and saw some bats. EEK!!! Very few animals freak me out but bats and snakes are at the top
of the list. There were also these little tiny fish every onse in a while that we saw. They were pretty skittish and we never got a pic.

After the cenote swim we walked around in the jungle for a while. My lovely wife Kris wanted to get a pic of the kids
so she lined them up and stepped up against a bush to take the pic. About 2 seconds after taking the pic she started getting
bit by ants on her back. She said it felt like her back was on fire, we picked a few ants off her back and shirt and about 15 minutes later
she was fine. Maybe they were fire ants? Maybe it was the bush she touched? I dont know but she said it hurt. I was a good husband
and didnt laugh at her once. :)
Our family pic
After all the fun it was time to go back to Casita Blanca. We got back and A.J. and I went looking for coconuts on the beach
while the girls got their vitamin D fix for the day.
Heres A.J. with a coconut that he thought had a face on it.
That was about all that happened on that day.
The next day was another beautiful sunrise.
We didnt do a whole lot, just laid in the sun and walked the beach. I didnt take many pics, sorry
I met a local named Luis and we talked to him quite a bit. He helped us to find a few places wed heard about and was pretty nice.
I had decided to book a snorkel trip with him and we were supposed to meet up later but we missed eachother so I got talked into
booking with someone else. (sorry Luis)
The next report will have the snorkel trip.

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