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Trip Report 12-13-06 to 12-22-06 Continued...Day Two and Three

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 1/9/2007

Woke up after our late night getting in and staggered upstairs to Barb and Tom's for a cup of coffee (hadn't managed to get to the store the night before!) Three cups later I was feeling MUCH better. Enjoyed the view from the was just soooo beautiful up there.

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We then showered and headed to M&J's for breakfast. Oh my goodness...what wonderful food! I had a cazuela and fresh orange juice. YUMMMM. And the scenery...absolutely amazing!
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We took a walk to try to get familiar with the area. Ended up at the Super Express to stock up on some supplies (including coffee!) Also met a lovely woman named Debra who was from Texas, but had moved to the island and bought a house. Don't know if she ever comes on this board, but she was WONDERFUL!!! We were trying to find Hortensia's and she gave us great directions to her. We loved Hortensia! Such a sweetie!! We made several purchases there and also ordered some things to be made out of sarongs. If you haven't met her, LOOK HER UP! She's near Poc Na (the hostel). We wanted to kidnap her and bring her home with us! LOL

We came back to the room, changed and headed to the beach! How beautiful! Playa Norte...I fell in love. The colors of the ocean were incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

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We didn't take any money with us, and of course, there were people everywhere selling things! I found a wonderful bracelet that I would have loved to have bought. Silly me... lol We kept telling them "no dinero". They would laugh and say, "good price today, higher tomorrow!" Don't think they believed we were silly enough to NOT bring money to the beach! We finally had to just say "no gracias". We got a couple of hours of sun, before the rain set in. We headed back down Hildago and the store owners would yell out "ladies...I've been waiting all day for you!" Too funny! We showered and took a little "siesta" before heading back to Hortensia's to pick up what she was making for us. A friend of ours went with us. You may have to know him for this story to be funny, but let's just say he is quite the character! He was trying on shorts that Hortensia picked out for him. He had just pulled them on over his own shorts. He thought they were a little too snug, so Hortensia searched for a bigger pair and handed them to him. He pulled off the shorts and handed them to Helene to try on the new pair. Helene handed the shorts to Hortensia for her to place back on the shelf. Hortensia looked confused at Helene as she pulled Steven's shorts out of the pair Helene had handed her. He had been standing there putting on the new pair wearing only his tidy whities! Hortensia was doubled over she was laughing so hard!! She said we "had the show"! God love her for having such a good sense of humor!!! Oh course...after all that...Steven definitely purchased the shorts! LOL We hadn't eaten lunch yet, so we stopped by a Rotisserie chicken place on the way back from Hortensia's. It was delicious!!

Three more friends were coming into Isla, so we went to the ferry dock to meet them. It was great to stand there "hootin' and hollerin'" as they stepped off the ferry. One of them was about to turn 19, and I think we pretty much mortified him! So our job was complete. LOL We got them settled into the VistalMar and cooked dinner that night. Some of our group went walking on Hildago after dinner. I relaxed up on the roof for awhile while they walked. I just can't say enough about how incredible the view from up there was. The lights all over the plaza and down Hildago...the tall "tree" of lights near the plaza...the light from the lighthouse. Just amazing. When everyone got back, we enjoyed drinks and each other's company on the roof for awhile before heading to bed.


Up around 8am and had my first cup of coffee standing at the coffee pot! lol Poured H a cup, then took my cup of coffee and the coffee pot and headed up to the roof! Got a couple of pictures of the wonderful view up there, and us women sat and chatted about how much we loved the island. Not sure how long we had been up there when Barb said, "ok...does anybody have an idea...within an hour...what time it is?" We all sat there for the longest time thinking and finally laughed and all said "NO!" She said, "that's's official...we're on vacation!!!" While we were up there, we watched a storm come in over the ocean. That was really cool! Of course about the time we were all ready to head to breakfast, it started pouring! lol When it finally let up a little, we put on our rain ponchos and headed out. As we turned onto Hildago, we realized we were walking into water up to our knees! We were like...what the hell! and headed right on into it. lol The shopkeepers got quite the kick out of us! We went into Amigo's for breakfast. What great food!!! By the time we finished, the water had actually gone down some...still up to my knees, but then again, I'm short! lol This was a gray, rainy day, so we mostly stayed in. Most of the group played cards. I opted for a book instead. Thoroughly enjoyed the rest and relaxation of having absolutely nothing I HAD to do!

I had been really apprehensive about leaving my 6 yr. old to go on vacation. That's not something I've ever done. Shoot...she was 2 yrs. old before the ex and I went out without her! lol I finally could stand it no longer, so I headed over to DigaMe to call her. She, it turns out, was doing great without me! LOL Silly me to have worried. She was planning a party (at our house) for the Saturday after Christmas! (Dios Mio!) I was just so relieved that she sounded good. I also talked with my mom for awhile. It was good to hear all was well at home.

We went to Picus for dinner. The lobster was wonderful! Especially with the garlic and butter...MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Walked through the plaza and down Hildago after dinner, taking in the culture. The people of Isla are just amazing. I had told my mom earlier "that's it...mail me Kaybree (my daughter)...I'm movin' in here!" Spent just a little time in reflection on the roof before heading to bed. Another incredible day in paradise!

Will continue to saga soon...

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