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Girls Week on Isla

By: capiegirl (View Profile)
Date: 4/4/2010

Day 1: Bloody Marys on the way to the airport, the only way to start Girls’ Week (Yummy Mummy Club “YMC” 2nd annual Mexico trip). Our flight boarded and left just a few minutes late but the real kicker was the snow falling…yep, this trip was worth every penny! We were picked up by Cancun Valet who was ready and waiting for us. In fact, the driver had to wait for us to get our first Sol at the outdoor beer kiosk. Twenty minutes later we were at Gran Puerto and another 30 minutes later grabbing our first beer on Isla. We took someone’s advice on the boards about having a bike deliver our luggage. Another $15 well spent. We walked the ten minutes to Ixchel , our rooms were ready and we were on the beach a mere 10 hours after walking out our front doors on the Cape. Ahhhh, 87 and sunny, can’t beat that.

Drinks and apps on the beach, drinks at the penthouse lounge and in the hot tub and dinner at Picus for whole fish fillets, fantastic way to end day one. Everyone loved their dinners. Hard not to like the bill at less than $10 each including cocktails.

Day 2: Up early and on the beach by 8 am. Another sunny and HOT day which thrilled us all. A few had massages for $30/hour on Playa Norte. I headed downtown to exchange $$ and hit the rotisserie chicken place. The girls were pretty happy when I showed up with chicken and fixings on the beach for lunch. Each “platter” is $90 MP, I bought 3 for $300 including tip and that fed 10 of us with leftovers. We figured lunch cost us about $2.50 each American dollars give or take…which became a part of our vocabulary as in “yeah, beer there is about $1.25 give or take, or the margaritas are $2 give or take” lol… We strolled over to Sunset Grill for happy hour, dinner was at Jax followed by lots more beer at Miguels Moonlight. Our one non-drinker loved that Jax sold O’Douls! We thought SG was over-priced and rather boring but hey, it was all good, really. Tips or Sex was playing at MM, the beers were going down easy and fun was had by all.

Day 3: Beach at 8 again. I had arranged with conceirge at Ixchel to stock our fridge before we arrived with happy hour and breakfast goods. We geared ourselves up for head-banging music at Chimbos but it never happened. The place remained closed both Friday and Saturday night. Lunch was Tinos ribs on the beach that I went to pick up around 11 am. I was quickly becoming the star of the group and I have several message boards to thank for that, lol. Dinner at Vesquala for fish fillets after spending the afternoon in the pool drinking margueritas and mojitos. Probably shouldn’t have ventured out in public but hey, you just can’t tell 10 drunk women to stay in their hotel and order in, lol… We managed to keep the obnoxiousness to a minimum, the worst of the offenders headed home after dinner and the rest of us hard-core ladies headed back to MM for a little “homemade” karaoke. Another great day in paradise.

Day 4 started with breakfast out. We woke up to clouds and wind after a rainy night. I checked the internet and the forecast was for stormy weather all day. We were all happy actually because most of us were too burned and needed a non-beach day to recuperate. Four headed to the pancake house and six of us went to M&J Cazuela on my recommendation. While the coffee was great and we all loved the hashbrowns, no one really enjoyed their breakfast so much. We all tried the specialty of the house, each with different ingredients. I did like the chaya (a spinach/kale like green) and was probably the happiest of the group but I think these cazuela’s are an acquired taste. We cleaned our plates regardless so you know it was all okay…We never did catch up with the other half of our group so we grabbed a couple of golf carts and headed south for a pub crawl of sorts. First stop, beer store, second stop Punta Sur, then El Pueblito for beers and guac, Soggy Peso for margueritas, Villa Bella for yep, you guessed it, more drinks, and finished at Jax for beers and burgers before returning the cart.

We decided to hang in and play poker this night. After a couple of hours we ran out of mixers for our hard stuff so a couple went out to shop and came back with mixers and a boatload of pizzas and salads from Angelos on Hidalgo. Good very thin crust pizza. Great night, much needed day off the beach, but I lost a lot of peanuts in the poker game…

Day 5: Another beautiful beach day. Dinner at Olivias was fantastic. The lamb chops were a big hit with our group as was the Moussaka. We started with several salads and tapa platters and finally found good wine too. Food and wine-wise, this was the best $400 MP I spent all week.

Day 6: Breakfast at Alexia Giovanny at the marketplace. I tried the banana shake which was real good and between the dozen of us we tried lots of different dishes…mine was very spicy and difficult to eat (Mexican chourica) but the French toast, pancakes, omelletes, and huervos ranchos (I think) was very good. Bill was about $75 with tip, not bad for so many of us! The beach was scorching so we were in and out, most of us getting massages for $30-40/hour depending on what beach cabana we hit on, fish and chips at Bobos and burgers at Buhos for lunch was okay. Most of the group headed to Cancun for a night of partying at Carlos & Charlies and Senor Frogs. A few of us stayed behind for sunset cocktails on the deck and dinner at Rolandis. I had the spinach ravioli and Caesar and a decent ˝ bottle of chardonnay. It was fun to watch the street performers and enjoy a nice meal. It was about $35 each for dinner and wine.

Day 7: Our last day. Dropping laundry off at the local corner shop and breakfast at the beach bar at Comono. Spent most of the day on the beach, headed to Sunset Grill for cocktails on the swings and finished up with dinner at Bamboo. I wasn’t impressed but most really liked their meals. I guess I just don’t come all the way to Mexico to eat Thai. Although nearly everyone had the surf & turf, spiney lobster with steak. Guess it was okay for this far away from Midwest US or Maine, lol… I tried the spring rolls (really good) followed by shrimp with red curry sauce, both fine, but I think I would have rather
finished up our vacation with a traditional Mexican dish. That’s what happens when you get outvoted though, haha.

Time to go home: Got up earlier than my normal early this morning to take pictures of the sunrise at 5:45 am. The forecast was for rain but the sun is shining. Time to get packed and head for the ferry soon. Ohhhh, I’ll miss Isla. All in all a great vacation. We didn’t use the penthouse “lounge area” enough to warrant the extra $ so next time we’ll forego that. Like having our laundry done here, it was the “novelty” . I also like the grounds of Nautibeach a bit more and would like to look into their accommodations for a return trip. Ixchel was really nice, had a lot of the comforts I’m sure are not standard elsewhere and Candy our housekeeper was fantastic. The bartender Jimmy became our right-hand man and the front desk people were very helpful too. We booked through Cecilia Heard and she was very easy to work with and return time for emails was very quick. The location cannot be beat. I was one of the few in the group that was open to renting a house mid-island but I am glad now that we stayed on Playa Norte,it was great to be able to walk a few blocks to everything. The beach got far too crowded the last few days but it is the holiday weekend and we should have taken that into consideration. Good fun with good friends, what’s not to like?

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