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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 3/30/2005

Mexico 2005

February 25th -- Isla Mujeres – Day 2

“Friends, Fun and Sprinkles!”

My internal alarm kicks into action and I wake up at 5:40. Out to the balcony to check out the progression of the sunrise, but it isn’t very impressive. I sit on the edge of the bed watching the sky becoming lighter and brighter. Finally realizing that it isn’t going to be a spectacular sight this morning, I take a picture at 6:30 and slip back into bed….

By 8 I just can’t take it anymore…’Vince, get up!’ Showers wake us up….waiting for the hot water to make it up to the third floor gives you time to plan your day! :) At precisely 9:30 we enter the bank on Rueda Medina…no line up, woohoo! We cash Canadian traveller’s cheques for 7.96…great rate! With mucho pesos in hand we head off to the Supermercado to stock up on supplies….paper plates, paper towel, kleenex, strawberry jam, cream cheese, yogurt, Manzana Lift, more Coke and cervezas, Chips (the ones in the yellow bag), Japones peanuts (these are super crunchy!), and of course, some freshly baked croissants for breakfast! It all adds up to about $200MXP. Loading up all our goodies, we dash back to the room and quickly dig into our feast, enjoying a front row seat for the view…

Off to Playa Norte, about a 5-minute walk from the Roca Mar…we plant ourselves near Buho’s…don’t want to have to walk too far for those cold cervezas! It’s HOT!!! My thermometer says 36C with 72% humidity. The water feels wonderful….no waves here so my knee is happy!

Happily roasting away on the beach, Vince in on guard for Nancy and her son Christian. We had made tentative arrangements to meet up with them near Buho’s while they were on Isla for the day. Vince asks what Nancy looks like and after my description, he says that she’s walking our way. Sure enough! Hugs like long lost friends. It’s so funny how after ‘talking’ to people via email and message boards for years, it’s like you’ve known them forever!

We chat for a while and then Nancy, Christian, and their friend Sarah wander over to Buho’s for some lunch. We’re still full from our late breakfast so we’ll catch up to them in a bit. The weather suddenly begins to change and some dark, ominous looking clouds roll by…

We’re not too worried…maybe they’ll just keep on going by. But soon, there is thunder rumbling and the skies prepare to open…

We quickly gather our things as the drops begin to fall and dash off to Buho’s palapa to join Nancy under cover. As the rain gets heavier we decide that it’s a perfect time for margaritas and cervezas. We pass the afternoon chatting and laughing and with Christian showing off his magic trick talents. Definitely a David Copperfield in the works! Thanks for the entertainment Christian!

By late afternoon, the skies have cleared a bit and we have a last view of the sun on our way to Sergio’s…

We were looking forward to some guacamole but Sergio is hosting a party and the kitchen is closed to us regular folks. Vince works his Mr.Super Friendly magic and wanders up to Sergio….”please, please can we have some guacamole?” In record time ‘Bobby’ brings us a plate of guacamole and a plate of nachos! Yummmm!! Dig in amigos!

Bobby joins us for a picture…

Nancy, Sarah, Bobby the waiter, Christian and Vince

Tummies happily filled and cheeks hurting from laughing, it’s time for the gang to find their way to the ferry. We walk along with them and arrive just as the ferry is about to depart. Quick hugs and a mad dash and they are off. Thanks for the fun afternoon!

A short walk brings us back ‘home’ where we brush off the sand and get changed for dinner. Where will our noses lead us tonight? First stop is an Internet café…38 minutes costs $15MXP…what a bargain.

Back on Hidalgo we bump into Jan and Bruce, Faith and John, Trish, Arlene and hubby, along with their niece, goddaughter and a friend. They quickly invite us to join them for dinner and we happily accept. We’re a big group but the smiling staff at a new restaurant, San Cocho’s, quickly put some tables together for us. Everyone smile!…

Sorry, too many heads and not enough room so a few of you are hiding! Dinner arrives quickly and is wonderful…my first time trying Chicken Fried Steak. It arrives with mashed potatoes and gravy and is just delicious! Vince has the same and with 2 cervezas and a coke, it comes to $220MXP including tip.

Lots of fun chatter again this evening and as we are leaving we bump into Stacy and Colin once again. We make plans to have dinner together on Monday night.

We say adios to all our amigos and head home early….we are off on a bit of an adventure tomorrow so we hit the pillows by 12:30. Waves are still a little loud so in go the ear plugs and I’m out like a light!

**Report Card
Bank—Gives the best rate for exchanging money. There was a small difference in rates for USD at the cambios (10.8 vs 10.6), but the rates for CDN were very different near the end of our stay (8.95 at the bank vs 8.0 at the cambio). Even though the bank opens at 8am, they don’t have exchange rates until 9am.
Buho’s—Great beach bar…nice background music, not too loud…clean banos, pop and cerveza are a little pricey, but they’re nice and cold!
Sergio’s—Good guacamole, service was good today, banos are a little rustic
San Cocho’s—Great, friendly service, very good dinner, reasonable prices

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