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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 5

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/1/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 5

Saturday February 24

“Finding Our Isla Rhythm”

The sun is up at 6:15 and so am I….

I enjoy the beautiful start of the day and then…

…Tiptoe back into bed for a few more zzzzzzs. By the time we’re up and moving again it’s 9:30 and we are off to the market. I’m hoping to find some plastic baskets to store all our chips, snacks and misc things. For anyone staying at Roca Mar…if you place your shampoo or soap etc on that narrow ‘shelf’ on top of the shower, make sure the toilet lid is closed in case you drop something! Ooops! No luck at the market but we do get a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice…$20MXP. It is incredibly sweet! Next stop is the Internet to check in with our boys and after bumping into John, Jean and Rich and Colleen, we make our way to Super Express for a few groceries. Walking past the new zócalo where there is some kind of ceremony taking place. I really miss the old zócalo!....

Another stop at Mirtita’s to get Negra Modelo for Vince and sweating our way up the hill, it’s back to the room to enjoy our breakfast….croissant with cream cheese and jam for Vince and light yogurt and Jenny Craig cereal for me.

Let’s get to the beach! It’s toasty out today with no clouds at all, so we splurge on loungers and umbrellas at Buho’s. Their chairs are so comfy…$150MXP for 2 chairs and an umbrella but that includes 3 coupons for pop at Maria del Mar, worth $45MXP. The coco man comes by with his heavy load…wonder how many miles he walks every day?....

Time to hit the water for a cool down….

Isn’t it a gorgeous spot…

Sometime during an afternoon siesta we are awakened with music…Carnival dancers are performing on the beach…they were great!

Stacy and Colin come strolling by and suggest a road trip. Off we go on our ‘hogs’, making our way around the island with stops at La Jolla (looks very nice!), and we take a rough dirt road to the townhouses behind the Shell house…very quiet there. On our way back to centro, we have to stop to enjoy the sunset…

And then the boys need refreshment from all that hard work. Stacy and Colin take us to their favourite local joint…Hemingways. It is filled with locals inside so we sit on the veranda and have cervezas and chips and salsa. A fun spot to sit and watch the traffic go by. Very cold beer too!

Adios to our amigos for now and time to go home for a clean up. We arrive at our door and find a bag of books hanging on our door handle. Hmmm…who are these from? Not sure, but thank you!

We make our way to Hidalgo and bump into Cheeklet from Burgo’s and his cute little son…

We follow our nose for dinner and it leads us to the new Cuban restaurant across from Angelo’s. I’m not sure what it is called, but the sign reads ‘Cocina Criolla, Viva Cuba Libre’.

Vince has Ropa Viello, which is pulled beef with rice, bean and fried bananas. It was very good…tasty, tender beef…and I loved the fried bananas! I had a salad…romaine, olives, avocado, cucumber and tomatoes. The tip was added to our bill….total of $170MXP. Service was good, portions were large and food was good…we’ll be back!...sorry that the photo is a little blurry!

As we are enjoying our dinner, more Carnival dancers arrive to entertain us…

Stacy and Colin find us and drag us off to Miguel’s for some pomegranate margaritas. Trust me, I went willingly! They were delicious as always and we make sure to tell Miguel how much we love them…2 for $100MXP….

Before the matrix takes over Vince and I make our way home under a starlit sky…tomorrow….Ingrid and Rick arrive!

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