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I love vacations! days 8,9 and 10

By: marylaw (View Profile)
Date: 3/17/2007

My Ry guy leaves today with Lynn and Joe. He had alot of fun and we had fun with him. He is so easy to be around and he can carry on a conversation with anybody and any age. We're going to miss him. We drop them off at the ferry and Chuck and I run some errands. We can't believe we still have more than a week and a half of vacation. We start at the north end market, dubbed "Quincy Market" and find some awesome looking romaine for our caesar salad tonight and some fresh green beans that looked too good to pass up. On to the juice store- oh yum, we got watermelon, cantalope, tangerine, grapefruit and orange. Next stop was the super express for bread rolls. They're still warm, hold them up to our noses and give a slight squeeze- can't you just smell them? We're having sauce and meatballs (which I brought from home) with pasta, caesar salad and garlic bread tonight. We've got all the ingredients so we head home.
Oh , look at that it's noon - "cocktail time" pina coladas for everyone! It's tile rummy time. Gary and myself and Mim have the longest game.
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Gary just learned how to play and he is HOOKED ! We play a little cribbage too and swim and read and sun ourselves. Chuck's neck is still bothering him so Gael is rubbing a frozen water bottle on his neck. Gael is a little bit of everything- doctor/nurse, psychologist, stain remover person, comedian, realtor, emt,interior designer, she can fix the most bizarre things, she even diagnosed her own brain tumor when her doctors couldn't. Kind of like an ASK JEEVES. Thank God she's rubbing his neck, I can't do it anymore. Trying to get a knot out of him is like trying to massage a rhino. His skin is just as thick.LOL
It's a great sunset tonight.

Here's Gael in the jaccuzzi.
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We have a good dinner and I retire early to write in my journal and read.

Thursday morning we get up at 7:15 and go for a walk. We run into Lindell and chat with her for a bit. I tell her what a great job she did coordinating everything for the benefit at La Pena. We had a fun night that night.
Back to the house and Gary and Gael join us for breakfast at the Christalmar. It wasn't as good as usual. They always had the coldest OJ, it wasn't and my eggs were really cripy brown, I hate that. I'm the type who will sit there and pick off every speck of brown from my eggs even if it means there's pretty much nothing left. Don't know why- must be something from my childhood:)
Came back and decided to wash the car. Gael and I helped until we were muscled out by the men. You know, women can't really do that right. We were so upset that we had to lay in the sun and make margaritas. Tee hee, they fell right into our trap! Gael and Gary did hot dogs for lunch and we got a little silly.
This is Gael taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me!!!
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Learned a new card game today called hand and foot, it could replace tile rummy except that you use cards so it can't be played on windy days.

The sun was setting and it was getting a bit buggy so we went in. Popped open some wine and had some stuffed quahogs, laughed , talked and solved the world's problems.
Watched Grey's Anatomy tonight. Boy was it good, I missed last week and this one was worth seeing - what a tear jerker.

Friday. We are of course up early,make bacon and eggs and we decide to all go to Sergios for lunch. (It's on the list) Mim and Gael and I stop at the bank which always takes 5 times longer than you think it will. We stop at Aqua Adventures to check and see if Ryan's pictures are done and to have his gender changed from female to male. I think he'd be dissapointed if his padi card said he was a female. We did get a good chuckle out of it though when they brought home the papers. I said, "Ryan is there something you want to talk about"? He looked at it, "WHAT"? They promised it would get changed. We have to go back and get the pictures.
By the time we get to Sergios the guys have already walked the entire length of the beach and hit every bar both ways. Chuck said he thought he saw Jean and Rich so we walked down towards the water. It was them, they were sitting with Charlie and Dallas who I happened to run into a couple days prior and April and Joe(shooter) who we met last year. I tell them to come and join us for a drink when they feel like it. We all meet and chat etc. Brooke and Paul join us also. We have quite a few cocktails.

There's a woman, a very big breasted woman on the beach wearing a white bikini. What's the date? Well it doesn't really matter because if anybody was on Sergios beach on a Friday in Feb. and they are male , they will remember this woman. Her boobs were sooooo big that every guy was looking in the same direction. The guys are surveying the area and see that she begins laying down on her stomach , "that won't last long with those things".
First Paul goes , then Tony , then Gary. They all circle the area like sharks sniffing the delicious scent of human blood. (I've got this on video) I have Charlie in the background saying, "Mary you get that and post it on the board for all of us" It's a good laugh for everyone. Sorry no pictures, have video but don't know how to do that yet.
Tony, Gael and I take dip and start getting pretty silly. We decide to make a plan and have a code word when we want to leave and go over to Brooke and Paul's pool at Ixchel. The word is "burgee" which actually stands for a little flag that you get from a yacht club. When one of us says "burgee" we just get up and start walking away. The "G" in burgee is pronouced like a "J". Pay attention because this will come into play later.

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At Sergios- Dallas, Jean and Charlie.
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We give the code word and proceed to Ixchel to hang at Brooke and Paul's and go to happy hour at the pool.

This is Tony and Chuck.

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We proceed to get a pretty good buzz on there. There was another couple there who were neighbors of Brooke and Paul's. Tony and Paul were on a real roll. It was like watching Saturday Night Live. The woman actually peed her pants laughing. She didn't know that we knew. It was so funny .We tally up and then go home. We make reservations at Rolandi's on Sac Bajo. When we get there, go into the bar and talk to a couple sitting at the end, they were very nice. We listen to Dianna Crall. It was cool. Had a good dinner, not great but good. Spent alot of pesos.
All in all a fabulous day on Isla!

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