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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 7

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 8/23/2007

DAY 7 Wednesday, June 13

We are now past our half way mark. Only three more full days on Isla. :( We had our Contoy day and our golf cart day taken care of, so the rest our time here (including yesterday) was fully devoted to complete relaxation and doing whatever we felt like doing at any given moment. No more planning for us!

Everyone slept in a bit, including Amanda and I, but we woke up first. Amanda was drawing on her balcony when I walked outside, and we decided to take a morning stroll along North Beach.

We picked up some water at the mini super, and stopped by Color de Verano for some breakfast. We ordered juice and shared some fruit and a Quiche Lorraine on the patio and watched the traffic go by. It was fantastic...the best Quiche Lorraine I’ve ever had!

We walked up the sand road through Playa Sol and ChiChi’s. It was slightly overcast, but still a very hot, beautiful day:

It was still a little early. Only a few people and a beach vendor or two were here so far:

We walked along, stopping every once in a while to drink our water and enjoy the view:

The litter on the beach always bothers me. I am a smoker myself (but not for long!) and I am floored by the fact that people will put their butts out in the sand (or street!) and leave them there. Drives me bonkers! Anyway...

...we planted ourselves here for a good 30 minutes or so, and imagined that we lived here and were enjoying a typical morning stroll before heading to our fabulous home-run business, hehe:

I had never been to the King’s Pool before, and thought this was a great time to check it out. We went across the bridge, and the man at the “check point” was friendly and gave us directions. We walked toward the restaurant and it seemed that walking through the restaurant was the only way to get there. I had heard of people having problems trying to get to the King’s Pool unless they were Avalon guests, so we were a little apprehensive. There was a guy cleaning the windows, so we asked him if it was OK to walk through. He jumped down and led us over to the King’s Pool, which was very nice! We tipped him a dollar or two.

It was worth it! We took our shoes off and applied some sunscreen before we explored. No shade here! There were TONS of colorful fish:

Crystal clear!

We walked around the pools VERY carefully (water shoes would have been great!) The water was very cool and refreshing:

We decided that we had to bring the guys back over here, with our snorkeling gear. It was so beautiful. So we headed back to the hotel. The sun was out in full force, so we took a break in a couple of stores along the way and bought more water. The guys were up and about by the time we got back, so we headed over to the Avalon. The guy at the “check point” waved us though, but we were stopped by security right before we got to King’s Pool, who said we had to leave. What a let down. :\

Oh well! We headed back over to Chi Chi’s, where we were welcomed with open arms by Tomas, a great bartender we spent a lot of time with during this trip. :)

This little guy peeked out every once in a while, and we learned a new word; Cangrejo:

Somehow, this brought up the subject of spiders, and Amanda told Tomas about her pet tarantula, Mona, who died when she and Brandon moved last year. Tomas couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently, “tarantula” is slang for a certain...area, lol. There were many “Mona” comments throughout the rest of the trip. ;)

We hung out at Chi Chi’s for the rest of the afternoon:

Afterwards, we took a short stroll through downtown:

...and walked around a bit before heading back home:

We all showered and took a short nap before it was time to head out for dinner. We were all VERY tempted to head back to La Malquerida, but we agreed to try something different tonight.

Stefan and I loved Fredy’s when we went a couple years ago, and there it was around the corner, so that is where we ate! We started with a few margaritas and beers, and enjoyed each other’s company while we waited for our food on this lovely night:

I am the kind of person who usually needs “alone” time if I’m around the same people for too long (say, a week or so!). Not the case here. Not sure if it’s the people or the island...probably a combination of the two. :)

The food was fantastic, and Fredy was a fun host. I had grilled grouper. It came with a baked potato, broccoli, rice, and other veggies. Fredy’s was now tied with last night’s meal as the very best so far...according to everyone at the table.

After dinner, we headed down Hidalgo, settled at Fayne’s, and sat at a table on the street. We ordered a round of Mayan Sacrifice’s (actually, just half a round – Stefan and Brandon wanted no part of this!). While we were waiting, Amanda and I shopped at a vendor stand across the street. Very unique jewelry made of nuts and beans! I bought a bracelet for $5 USD, Amanda got a very intricate belt buckle for $20 USD.

We got back in time for our drinks. Me:

After lighting it on fire, they pour it down your throat for you. Kinda scary. ;) Randall:

Amanda (she was not very comfortable with this!):

OK, enough of that! Time to head back. There was no relaxing on the balcony this evening...straight to bed for us!

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