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No longer a newby- Day 1

By: islasisterchick (View Profile)
Date: 12/17/2006

Woo-hoo!!! Isla Bound

I’m going back to Isla for my second trip this year. My packing was done 2 weeks ago because I was so excited. I throw in some last minute things and we are off to Dallas for park-sleep-fly and 5:30 am shuttle to the airport. Wow, it is cold here finally, so I have to wear my winter clothes. No lines at DFW at this early hour. Check-in and off to wait on the plane. Hubby is going to Isla with me this time. Hope he loves it too. If not, I’ll just go back on my own next time. This time, the plane is only half-full. The flight takes about 2 hours and then we are landing. It’s too cloudy to see Isla on approach. This time, we unload on the tarmac and walk into the Charter terminal. It’s not as nice as the main terminal and we had to wait longer to get through customs due to only 3 agents working. That’s ok, I have time to change into my shorts while Robert waits for the luggage. Off we go, push the button, green light, were out!!! We find our Best Day guy, wait a few minutes and up drives a new red car. We have a private car to the ferry this time. How nice!!!! Robert loves asking the driver a million questions about Cancun and the local businesses. We get to the ferry, get a ticket and off to Isla in 10 minutes.

Of course, we are approached about an Avalon tour right away, but he takes no for an answer easily enough. We are sitting up top, enjoying the breeze and the view of the gorgeous water. Hubby is actually excited at this point. “See, I told you you’d love it.” I feel the sunburn starting on my nose already.

Coming up to the dock, we discover a big yellow and red sign that say “official store” What is that?? Oh, the new Senor Frogs- yuck!!!

Wow, have they ever gotten a lot done on the Navy Base since March. It’s so nice not to be a newby this time and to know exactly where to go and what to do. Like being back home. We hop off the ferry with our one bag each, walk over and catch a cab to PP1. I try out my newly-acquired Spanish skills. The driver quickly starts speaking to me in English. I guess my Spanish is pretty bad, huh? At Punta Piedra, Amy has everything ready for us and Marcia has left us some Victoria and Leon Negro in the fridge.

I skip out the back door to the pool and there is LarsMn from the board laying around the pool. She’s already finished a million books since she got here a few days ago and has a nice tan. She says it has been raining a lot and they expect more. Oh well, a bad day on Isla is better than a good day at home! We also meet our other neighbors for the week, a great bunch from B.C., Canada.
Robert and I grab a taxi and head to the Super for chips, avocados, water, and breakfast items. We come back, put on our suits to lay around the pool-here comes the rain. Plan B- off to town again to look around. I drop off some goodies for Donna at Aqua Adventures. I replenish her supply of Hamburger Helper.
We were supposed to meet MexicoMark at Sergio’s at 5, but Lars says he is on Holbox. We go to Sergio’s anyway and there he is. Turns out the trip didn’t pan out, too much rain. We have a great time talking about fishing and waiting for it to rain. No sunset tonite, but 2 for 1 drinks at Sergio’s and talking to Ziggy and Luis is fun anyway.
We wander around looking for someplace to eat after it gets dark. We read a lot of menus, but decide that dinner tonite is at Picus. We have guacamole, beer, cuba libre, and share a whole garlic fried fish plus a couple of bottles of water. It was just 135 pesos. It was very good and very busy there. Lots of locals, not so many tourists. We sat right down by the water and watched the lights of Cancun. We are so glad we aren’t over there with all the people that were on the airplane with us.

We make it an early night tonight. I can’t wait to see the sunrise in the morning. I’m am soooo happy to be back on Isla!!! By the way, Punta Piedra is absolutely perfect. The bed is really comfortable and I sleep like a baby.

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