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One Old Fat Guy Returns.... Day 2.... Part 2

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 12/19/2006

We slowly worked our way back to town and turned the golf cart back in. We went to Digame so everyone could call home and check in.

Now it was time for cervezas! We walked over to Buho’s and nobody was there. The beach was almost gone. We started walking down the beach towards Sunset Grill and I was really confused. When I was there in January, that beach was HUGE. Now there was nothing. And thanks to the weather that included people… no one was out. Sunset Grill looked all but closed with not so much as a single chair sitting outside.

So we made the turn by Sergios and presto chango there was the beach! In January Sergio barely had enough beach for one row of chairs and umbrellas… now he had at least 3 or 4 rows with room to spare.

We headed on down to Caribbean Queen cause I wanted to see if the guy that waited on us last time, Jose, still worked there. Didn’t see him, but it was time for cervezas!

Next we decided to head up to Bally Hoo and try the margaritas. This was another place on my “to do” list that I had missed the first trip. Neat place, comfy chairs and the margaritas were pretty good. The service was on the slow side. Could of just been a bad day… have to try them again and maybe order some of the famous fish tacos next time!!

Time to head back to Buncanero’s and jump in the shower and get ready to head out for a smoking Saturday night on Isla!

Our first full night on Isla and the girls were ready to party!

First stop was of course Miquel’s! After lot’s of Holas and hugs we ordered a round of Mojitos and the party had begun! It didn’t take long for him to show up with his shaker and shot glasses…. Time for a round of pomegranate tequila!

Another round of mojitos and it was time to order dinner. Last time me and the other Old Fat Guy ate there we had his Moonlight Special for two which was a huge platter of seafood… lobster, fish and shrimp…. Served with some veggies, little baked taters, etc. It was so good and I talked two of the girls into having it with me. The other one just wanted some chicken quesadillas! So we tell Chihuahua we want a Moonlight Special for three, and some chicken quesadillas.

He comes out with the quesadillas and this one other plate, the same size, and sets it down in the middle of the table…. It has one lobster tail, a hunk of fish and some shrimp. So I’m thinking he’s bringing two more. Nope! He thought the 3 of us were going to share ONE special! I called Miquel out to the table and said “I think we had a communication breakdown.” LOL So he says he’ll take care of it and meanwhile we ate the one special as an appetizer. Then this shows up…..

Now that’s what I’m talking about!! The three of us made quick work of that baby!
And Gob Bless Miquel, he refused to charge us for the first one they brought out. When all was said and done we had two rounds of mojitos (8), a round of pomegranate tequila shots (4) 2 rounds of Sol (8) chicken quesadillas, and the moonlight special for three, plus a 4th on the house. The total bill came to just under $800MP. $80 for all that…. We’re talking 20 bucks a head for 2 mojitos, a shot of tequila, 2 beers and a huge dinner. I love this country!!

After Miquel’s we headed down to Faynes. We grabbed a table in the street and ordered 2 for 1 Sol’s.

We brought lots of dog treats and kitty treats for all the Isla street animals, so we made a lot of friends everywhere we went!

This real nice guy named Mike was our waiter at Faynes and he had the hots for my oldest daughter. He kept slipping her notes on napkins…. It was too cute. He finally sat down and joined us at the table for a little while. He asked us where we would be the next day and we told him the beach by Posada.

Now it was time to find this bar everyone talks about…. OM

Don’t know how me and the other Old Fat Guy missed this one last time…. What a cool place!!

It was a beautiful night with an awesome breeze and sitting up on top where it’s all-open was so cool! This time our waiter set his sites on my youngest daughter!

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