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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 1

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 3/30/2005

Mexico 2005

February 24— Isla Mujeres --Day 1

“The Magical Little Island!”

As the AGI van speeds along the highway, I’m relieved to know that we’re not heading back to the airport! While we’re sad to be leaving the beauty and pampering of Iberostar, and all our amigos there, we’re happy to embark on another Isla adventure.

Once we arrive at Gran Puerto Cancun we purchase our one way tickets for $35MXP each and only have a short wait for the 2:30 ferry. This is the tower at GP Cancun…there’s a restaurant at the top that gets great reviews…

We’re happy when the ferry starts up and we are floating over the waves to Isladise…

The ferry is very full…seems that an entire group is arriving for their Avalon stay, which means that all the trike fellows are overwhelmed once we dock. That’s okay, we’re pros at handling all our luggage by now! With each of us hauling 2 suitcases and a carryon, we sweat our way up the hill to Roca Mar. Ahhhh…looking up the hill, I can see home sweet home! As I’m dragging the suitcases, a moped dashes by and the fellow calls out…”Hey Lady, ya need some help there?” Well, what a smarta**! Hey, wait a minute! Colin?! Stacy?! I hear some giggling and off they dash! We continue up the hill and I’m so happy to see Ino with key in hand! Faster than you can say Roca Mar, the suitcases are hauled up to the third floor and I quickly begin unpacking and moving in. This is our home for the next 16 days…

Vince dashes off to the Supermercado across the square and fetches Cokes and Cervezas, the two staples for an Isla stay! When he returns he has Stacy and Colin with him. These are friends from home who thought they might be in the area but had no set plans once they landed in Cancun. On my recommendation they went to Isla Mujeres first, and instead of travelling around like they planned, they stayed put for the entire two weeks! With drinks in hand we head out to the balcony and begin several hours of fun conversation! The Isla fun has begun!

Colin, Stacy, Vince and Doris

With cheeks sore from laughter they leave us to finish our unpacking. We settle in and soon find our way to Hidalgo in search of dinner. On the way we bump into Faith and John (Freckles and Sparky). “Where were you guys?” Ooopppsss! Seems that in all the fun of arriving, I forgot that we were supposed to be at Sergio’s Playa Sol for sunset. Oh dear! Mumbling apologies, we dash off to Playa Sol to see if anyone is still there, but nada. Well, there will be more sunsets to enjoy with our amigos we hope!

Back to Hidalgo where we find our way to Pizza Rolandi, our traditional first night dinner. Daiquiris are ordered…yumm!

Soon our pizzas arrive as well….Hawaii and Quatro Estaciones…very good! Total with tip…$200MXP.

Once we’re happily stuffed we find a Telmex phone card and call home for the first time. Everyone is great at home, so with a smile on our faces, we wander back to the Roca Mar, our home away from home.

Tucked into our cozy double bed (I think it might be slightly larger than a twin!) I toss and turn for a while…the waves are LOUD! I search for some ear plugs and stuff them in…perfect. G’nite!

**Report Card….
AGI Tours…Awesome service as always
Roca Mar…Perfect for us…basic but clean…secure…great location
Pizza Rolandi…Good drinks…good pizza…okay service…they could smile a bit more!

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