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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 11

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/1/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 11 – March 3

“Isla Tour Day and DooDoo Time!”

I must have caught up in the sleep department as I’m up for the sunrise once again…

I spend some time sitting on the balcony enjoying the view and writing in my journal while Vince snores away. By 8 we are all seated at M & J’s for breakfast….Vince had Cazuela Amenceer and chaya, Mama had yogurt with granola and fruit, and I had eggs with cheese and bacon, and, need I say it….mashbrowns. All of it is delicious, as always.

We make our way to El Sol for a golf cart as we are showing Mama the island today. We drive to the bank to cash some traveller’s cheques and then circle around and drop off laundry near Francis Arlene. And then the tour begins….a quick peek at Buho’s for the beach view. It’s hard to tear myself away! Off to the cemetery and then to Playa Sol and Sergio’s. We walk over to the loungers to find Darcy as she is leaving later today. Hugs goodbye with hopes that we will meet up in Isladise once again soon. Our tour continues down the east side of the island…

We stop for some scenic views…

It’s impossible to capture the amazing colours of the translucent water….

Our next stop is to see Pedro’s wife, Norma at her roadside stand. I had brought a bunch of beads along and given them to Pedro when we arrived, so she was expecting us to stop by. She greets us warmly and gives many thanks for the beads.

Mama and I end up buying shell mobiles and several necklaces, anklets and bracelets. She has wonderful things and they are different from what you will find at the shops in town. She also babysits this little one at the same time…looks comfy!

Norma asks if we might be able to take their son Antonio to school. Certainly! As long as he tells us which way to go! Antonio grabs his backpack and hops on the back of the golf cart and off we go. Antonio and I have a little conversation while we drive and soon we are at his school. He is so polite and thanks us for the ride….

Back on our tour and we stop in at Punta Sur where Mama finds a very large, beautiful conch shell. It isn’t until much later that she realizes how much room that will take up in her suitcase! We take in the views at Garrafon…

We’re hungry and thirsty by now so we decide to head for Zama’s. We think Mama will be happy with the facilities there. There are clouds overhead but the sun continues to shine on us and Mama enjoys getting cooled off in the pool…

Lunch is ordered….grilled fish fillet burgers, fries and guacamole. Great service and food once again. Can’t believe we haven’t tried this spot until this year…we’ll be back again for sure!

After some nice relaxation and cooling drinks, we hop back on the golf cart and make our way to town. We pick up our laundry…it smells so good! Vince drives Mama and I to Sergio’s and then he returns the cart and meets us there for sunset. There are some clouds on the horizon so we’re not sure if it will be a good sunset tonight or not. Boy, are we in for a surprise!

It is an amazing sunset tonight…..

I can’t remember ever seeing such a gorgeous sight!

We meet up with all our amigos there and plans are made to meet up at La Bohemia for dinner. Everyone orders…..pork medallions with mushrooms and wine sauce…

Beef filet with peppercorn sauce…


Risotto with shrimp…

Everything was very good, except for Mama’s tuna. It was definitely overdone and very dry. Well, 6 out of 7 is pretty good and we all shared some of our meals with her. Mama and I had lime margaritas and they were some of the best I’ve had on Isla….fresh lime juice and potent!

As stuffed as we are, we all decide to make our way to Color de Verona for dessert. As we are standing on Hidalgo, everyone begins ‘sniffing’. Hmmm…where is that aroma coming from? Kind of smells like, um, doggie doodoo. As everyone begins checking the bottoms of their shoes, who do you think is the lucky one?!!! Yuppers, Vince it is! Warm and extremely fragrant doodoo is mashed into every crevice of his tevas. It seems that my health inspector hubby always finds himself either walking through poopoo water, driving through poopoo water, or stepping directly in poopoo! What would an Isla holiday be without a poopoo adventure!

After stepping in some puddles and doing a lot of ‘foot wiping action’, this doozy requires more attention…no way that we want Mr. Stinky Foot following us! We send the others off to dessert and promise to arrive soon. Vince and I dash off to the supermercado. It’s about 9:55 so I barely get in the door in time. I make Vince wait outside! As I’m perusing the aisles looking at all the cleaning products, this very nice fellow with a ‘melt-me-right-now’ Australian accent asks if I need help. “Yes, please, I need a cleaner without bleach but can’t quite translate these”. He takes a look at the bottles and then asks, “What are you using it for?” “Uh…..for cleaning dog poo out of sandals”. He grabs a bottle and hands it to me, “This should help”, and dashes off. Geesh, the one time someone makes a pass at me in a grocery store and I had to say dog poo! Grabbing the cleaner, some more paper towels and a toothbrush (ewww!), I pay for the goodies and find Vince waiting outside. “What took so long?” “Oh shush!” Off to the room where Vince soon realizes that it will take some scrubbing. The sandals are put out in the fresh air on the balcony and with flip flops on, we dash off to the Color de Verano. That was fun!

Vince has Tiramisu copa, I have chocolate ice cream and Mama has chocolate mousse. The others had some more wonderful choices and we all shared bites. Delicious! We definitely have to come back here…in fact, it became a nightly tradition!

Outside of the poopoo incident, it was another perfect day in paradise. One more walk down Hidalgo and we find our way back home. Goodnight to all our amigos…see you tomorrow!

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