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Staying at Zina's - Days 1 &2

By: Kathryn in Iowa
Date: 5/24/2005

Traveled to Cancun with my ex-step-daughter (friend forever) Annette, her husband, Allen, friends of theirs, Eric and Ann Marie.

Day 1 - 10 minutes from the parking lot at Kansas City International, Annette calls me on my cell phone to ask where we were and that they had started boarding. Scared me to death! I had not been informed of any changes in itinerary and I knew that by the time we parked the car, got on the bus to the airport and checked in that we would have missed the flight. It was a joke and I called her a number of names that I should not have, but she got such a laugh out of it that I had to laugh too.

Uneventful flight to Cancun. Breezed through immigration, green light at customs and off to the ADO bus to the terminal in Centro. Short taxi ride to the ferry and a Sol at the bar waiting for the ferry and I am on my way. Quick taxi ride to La Gloria and was unpacking by 8 p.m.

I stayed in an apartment owned by Zina Vishnevsky. The price was fabulous for the week, amenities were awesome with scads of towels, stocked frig with yogurt, fresh orange juice, water, fruit aand cheese. Her mattress is just perfect because I like them firm. Zina owns a home in La Gloria and at the back of the proprty she has a two-story duplex. She has the first floor apartment remodeled and will start with the second floor this fall. She kept stocking the frig with fresh OJ during my stay and after the first day or two, I realized that I had a new best friend.

Day 2 - Got up and made coffee. Opened my door and Zina was on the patio feeding her two parakeets. She asked if I had coffee made and I shared a cup with her. We visited for a while and I slipped in to put on my swim suit and took a lounge chair to the roof and sun bathed until she came up to tell me that there were people living on the second floor of the building opposite her home that looked like new construction. Woops! I put my top back on and headed to Playa Sol. Hung out there a while, under an umbrella, reading a racy romance novel. Wandered over to Picus for a late lunch and had the shrimp cocktail. Excellent! Wandered through town and picked out a dress at Hortensia's and chose some fabric to have one made. I wandered on to Playa Norte for the afternoon and walked the beach and swam for a while. Decided to shop my way back to midtown and saw a bus parked on the street, climbed in, and found two children inside. They were so cute and I could communicate with them a little and we were alll giggling. soon the driver got on the bus and the giggling stopped. Their father was the bus driver. We ambled through the neighborhoods and I started to learn the streets and locations. The only streets that have names are the ones in Centro. In the colonia's there is no identification, except advertising signs and house colors. Many families have ceramic placks on the outside of their homes with their family name.

Arrived back at the apartment and showered and changed. Had a siesta and woke up when it was dark. I was rested so I caught a cab and headed to Centro for dinner. Had the three cheese pizza and a Sol at Amigo's but forgot that Gail wasn't with me and I could only eat half. Walked around town and decided to stop for an after dinner drink at Posada del Mar. Yes, I was missing Gail! Ordered a Pina Colada and chatted with a couple sitting next to me. They were on their honeymoon and staying at Posada and I have a business in the city where my daughter lives. Promised to stop by next time I was in town. Small world!

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