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My personal restaurant reviews

By: marina
Date: 12/12/2007

Just got back from a 10 day trip. Here are my impressions of the restaurants we ate at:

Cockteleria Picus: Still the best shrimp cocktail anywhere. The first night we ate there I think there was some kind of war going on between a new young waiter and an older waiter, because it took FOREVER to get waited on, drinks to come, food to come, even by Mexico standards. Tried it again at lunch with 2 different waiters, much, much better as far as service, but as always, check your bill, there was an add on for 2 drinks we did not have. Shrimp cocktail outstanding, seafood tacos..not so good this year...rubbery calamari and some other unidentifiable seafood ish thing, hardly any shrimp or fish.

Olivias: located in the old Manolos next to Captain Tonys. OUTSTANDING. They advertise as "mediterreanean", running the gamut from Greek, Moroccan, Israeli....we had the Greek tapas, the Moroccan tapas, the moussaka was delicious, more delicate and delicious than any I have ever had (and I am Greek). Swharma (sp?) a wrap with tahini was gigantic and wonderful. They finally got their liquor license back. The garden in the back is beautiful and you can enjoy a meal there without being right on the street. Highly HIGHLY recommend it for something different.

Los Amigos: as always excellent service, even during the soccer match on TV. Really good pizza, delicious fish al mojo and their margaritas pack a punch.

French Bistro: Couldn't wait to go back as their coq au vin was the best I had ever tasted, in the past, that is. This year, although the chicken was moist, the sauce was not good at all, tasted like the cook just poured red wine over everything and didn't let it stew at all. Yuck. Husbands shrimp curry was excellent, sangria delicious and service top notch

La Cazuela: For breakfast, my favorite because I love the cazuelas, kind of like an egg souffle, all different kinds.

Shopped at the Navy store for tequila, cheapest in town. Recommend El Jimador for sipping with a slice of lime. Thought I was being clever by buying Danone drinking yogurt there, but it was actually cheaper at the SuperExpress . Flan at the SuperExpress very good too.

Never made it to Taqueria Medinas, but it looked as good as ever.

Well, those are my opinions!!!

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