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Bad start, but still loved Isla

By: kkbrenk (View Profile)
Date: 3/10/2005

FEB 26 – MAR 5
Left the house at 1:30am (Friday night) to catch our 4:45am flight. No issues, we arrive in Cancun at 9:30, green light, Dos Equis on the ferry and we’re on the Island by 11am. Call Vicki – her helper Charlie and wife come let us in to the CML bungalow. We get instructions on the safe (ha-ha, more on that in a moment) and windows (how wonderful the cross breeze will be with the small overhead windows open!) and they leave us to relax.

We unpack and settle in – walk around the corner to NaBalam, I have ceviche (YUM – darn near perfection) Jeff has nachos. He is rarely impressed with food so his feedback will be minimal, I thought they were OK. We head to Buhos, let the little one play in the sand and water for the afternoon.

Dinner was at Bamboo – I had delicious mussels, Jeff had forgettable chicken fajitas. We walk around a bit, arrive home to fine a key hanging in the door and the safe ripped out of the floor – GONE was $400+ and our camcorder… I am livid. Somehow the thieves snookered something through the small overhead window and grabbed the extra set of keys from the hook. The weird thing is they left our SSN’s, passport, birth certs, etc. (in Denver, these are worth thousands to those trying to gain work rights / resident cards) Call Vicki – scream at her, poor woman – she comes over settles me a bit and takes us to her house as I refused to stay there with my 3 year old daughter.

Wake the next morning – still upset, Vicki takes us to Su Casa. We were not impressed, wanted to be in town and we got the distinct impression that it’s not a place where 3 year olds are the norm. So – we decide what’s done is done and back to the bungalow we go – after Vicki treats us to breakfast at Chili Loco. Vicki was extremely kind and concerned, even replaced most of the cash we lost – I couldn’t have asked for better customer care than she and Charlie gave us.

Sunday was spent unpacking again, settling our minds and spirits… Spent part of the afternoon on the ML beach finding shells, etc. Headed to Jax in the rain to catch the end of NASCAR and the red carpet for the Academy’s. A very nice man got our daughter a huge glass of oranges to nibble on… I absolutely loved their fish tacos. Little one had fries (she usually picks off our plates), Jeff had nachos.

Monday – M&J’s closed, we hit Mirimar for breakfast. Great Bloody Mary! Then we realized Jeff’s backpack is missing so he’s off to make phone calls canceling credit cards (digame – cheap!). Little one and I hung out at ML till he returned – a bit of clouds and rain, then we headed to Buho’s again – I like that stretch of beach the best (ignoring the nasty cesspool)… Dinner was at Freddys. We had what I think is the best guac on the island. Then, I had grouper, Jeff had Fredy’s Special – he wasn’t too impressed other than the refried beans were the best. My fish was just OK, but the green beans were so yummy.

Tuesday we woke to a gorgeous sunrise, hung out at our beach then headed to Buho’s beach area (ticket system is goofy)… Dinner was at the Sunset Grill – had the Chimichanga on Laura’s rec. and it was wonderful. Jeff had the coco shrimp which he liked.

Wednesday – we hit Ciros for a cart and get out and about. Drop off laundry (I could get used to that), head to the Turtle Farm, Punta Sur lighthouse, Tiburon for Tix n Chix lunch (good, but not the WOW I was expecting) then over the Zama for the afternoon. Great day! Dinner was at Rolandis – Antipasto is so great – fresh and perfect, the pizza was ICK.

Thursday started out cloudy, so we headed to the cemetery for a bit then walked over to Sergios and hung out for a while. Little one had a ball jumping waves in her clothes, chasing Jeff… We had the BEST service of our whole trip from Rogelio – he rocks!! Home for naps. It POURED that night, so the little one and I put on our raincoats and picked up rotisserie from Hildago – it was 60 pesos and just wonderful!

Friday was Jeff’s 44th B-day, breakfast at M&J’s, Ranchera cazuela – really enjoyed it. Little one ate up all her eggs with cheese. ALL day at Buho’s – little one even napped at the beach! We went to Picus for dinner. Jeff had lobster for his birthday and I had ceviche, 2nd to Zazil Ha, but still terrific. Guac was good here too (we had it everywhere we went)

Saturday we packed up, cleaned up… left our little bungalow at 11am and headed to Sergios. Disappointing service all day! Had nachos, guac and hot dog in the early afternoon, all edible – but nothing extraordinary. Showered off and headed to the 5:30 ferry to catch our 8pm flight.

Despite our early drama, we will return to Isla – and would probably stay at the bungalow again it was so perfect for us… Little one could nap inside and I could catch some sun and reading right out the back door. Jeff is an early riser and liked exploring the rocks and pools along Playa ML. I was disappointed in the overall service / attitude of the island though. I expected more friendly people, but we felt most of the time that we were a “bother” to them – and we were friendly, always spoke what Spanish we know! It wasn’t that the service was just slow – it’s vacation, I’m in no hurry. But, it was not the vibe I was expecting… Regardless of that, we loved the non-resort feel and the small town atmosphere.

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