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Day 3, Saturday, March 31 Timeshare Crap!

By: Cindy in NC (View Profile)
Date: 5/14/2007

We jumped up out of bed at 8 am this morning to get ready to spend our day at the Mayan Palace. Juan was picking us up at 9:30 to catch the 10 o'clock ferry. He picked us up and rode in a cab with us and on the ferry across to Gran Puerto. From there we were taken in a car to the resort. We finally arrived at the Mayan Palace around 11:30. When we go there we were informed that we would only get 1 day on a golf cart instead of 2! We had rented the golf cart we had for 7 days so it was just wasting a day of rental at Punta Piedra II while we were gone for the day to Mayan Palace. I was livid! And I was letting them know about it. They SAID it was because my credit card said debit on it. But I told them I had $1000 credit limit on it as well. I told them to call the bank and ask them. But of course they wouldn’t. Needless to say, things went down hill from there. I agreed to stay for the presentation because we had just wasted half a day just getting there and we still had to spend the time getting back. If we didn’t stay for the presentation we wouldn’t get lunch or the 1 day on the golf cart. By now it was almost 12 and we were hungry. I had everything in writing on a sheet and they still refused to honor the written agreement. They had also said we could use the facilities there for the day and they refused to let us do that either. So we basically lost a day of our vacation. The day in the golf cart that we got just replaced the one we lost today. Like I said before, I have been to over 25 timeshare presentations (3 of those in Mexico) and I have had no one ever refuse to give me what was promised. Juan also promised he would be waiting at the ferry to take us back to Punta Piedra II but he lied about that too. He was no where to be found. I did the Avalon timeshare presentation and never had any problems with them.

Anyway, we came back to PPII at about 6pm and got our golf cart and headed over to Freddy’s to relax and eat dinner.

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I ordered the garlic shrimp $110 pesos:

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Lauren got the pork chop $105 pesos:

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And we ordered some guacamole & chips $45 pesos. We ate at Freddy’s last time we were here and really enjoyed our meal, but I wasn’t very impressed at all this time. Maybe he was having an off night. For $110 pesos I got 6 average shrimp that were over cooked, small potatoe that wasn’t very good and 2 pieces of broccoli that were half cooked. Lauren liked her pork chop but I tried a bite and it was very dry but the flavor was good. I didn’t have anything to drink and Lauren had a coke. Our dinner was over $32 USD with tip. For me I was very disappointing. Miguel;s Moonlite was cheaper and the food was way better. We looked in a few shops

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then headed back to PPII. I went out to do my 30 minute jog in the pool and Lauren decided she would come out and get a big laugh out of my facial expressions because the water was so cold when you first get in. But, once I got going it felt really good. I ended up talking and laughing with her while I was in the pool and before I knew it I had been jogging for a little over an hour in the pool. I am sure I will feel that tomorrow! I was sore this morning from last night’s 30 min workout. I love these times with my daughter. Both of us leave our stress at home and just enjoy each other’s company. What a great ending to a crappy day!

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