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Chapter 5-Food Marathon

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

I am perched along the seawall by the courthouse. We are fascinated by the way the locals are restoring this side by building cradles of rock where the coral does not produce a natural barrier. Doug has hopped over as he has found a couple of little caves and is picking shells for me. What a faithful man. And now we are home. Boy we really shook up our day by having breakfast in town! Doug had a Isla Mujeres Cazuela & I an Isla Holbox omelet at M&J’s this morning. Doug lingered over every bite saying everything is so good-I don’t want the taste to end! Doug is so hooked on this place that he says each and every day-"today was the BEST day".

Yesterday we headed for Sac Bajo, walking from the bus loop. Just before Mary’s place we found a path to the beach and walked along past Su Casa. We doubled back and found a little palm on the beach near Zama. While walking, we dreamed of having our entire family here with us in a place like Mary’s perhaps for our 25th wedding anniversary. We did sudukos and had our lunch in the shade with the company of a big red dog whose home we must have been in front of. About 1 pm we saw a crowded catamaran coming in so we picked the best lounge chairs by the Zama pool before they arrived. Once the place was busy with day trippers, the servers did not have a chance to come take our order. When the catamarans pulled away the staff was so busy tidying up after them that they still did not have a chance to take our order. So in the end, we spent an entire afternoon at Zama and did not spend a peso. People- watching there was great. We heard Spanish and French and determined that most were from Canada. We refreshed with cans of beer on our walk to the bus and the same cabbie who offered us a lift for $2 came around again.

We were in town for an early dinner and met Jorge from Chiles Locos. He has good friends from Winnipeg including a woman who has a cottage at Grand Beach which is right next to where our summer place is as well. We split the coconut shrimp and had 2 for 1 margaritas. The shrimp were sensational, covered with sweet long strands of crunchy coconut. It was our most expensive meal yet of $18.50 before tip. We stopped at Dig a Me to get in touch with reality. Our kids at home are good but our big old dog is wandering around the house crying for us. Our son in the Philippines emailed us saying that he was going to sit on a beach in Puerto Gallera and think of us. So we walked along the beach to the Sunset Grill to see the only pre-planned item on our agenda-Fire Dancing. After sitting for a half an hour with no dancing, we ventured home having enjoyed the surf, the stars and the diners in their bare feet. Doug was a little peckish so I made him fresh salsa and tacos. He was very impressed.

Doug decided that we needed to accomplish more things from our must eat list today so we walked backed into town for Alex & Giovanni for lunch-fish tacos & pork chops (yummy), lime popsicles, drinks at Sergio’s and a pick up of a Rotisserie Chicken for dinner. It was perfectly planned as a rain shower blew in at supper time but we were cozy in our little sitting area with fab chicken and home made sangria. The rain has past now and we are now on our Caribe patio with the outside light on drinking Kailua and coffee and doing crosswords and sudukos. The breeze off the water is glorious. We spent the afternoon looking at various hotel options for when we introduce our kids to the joys of Isla.

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