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WIDave Day 6

By: WIDave
Date: 6/21/2005

Isla Mujeres Trip Report 2005

Sunday May 15 Day 6

Sunday morning, we have breakfast at Café Cito’s again. It was very good and I really like their coffee. We ran into Captain Tony and he said his mother was not doing well ( we found out later in the day that she had passed away, I was glad we could offer our condolences in person to such a nice man). I was not feeling well today, so we again decided to keep it a low key day and not be in the sun too much. We kept hearing different stories about what had happened at Jax, what ever it was they are still closed today. We said adios to the wedding party from Madison as they prepared to head home. Just hung out around the hotel pool, I wished I had felt a little better to make the trip to Jim Morgans open house but decided to stay close to hotel.( Once again I am sorry Jim, next time for sure) Around mid afternoon we had some chicken at the rotisserie near the end of Hidalgo by Fredys. It was very good and flavorful. I had some hassles cashing a couple of traveler checks, said the signature not close enough. There’s a hundred bucks I don’t have to worry about spending, at least I won’t go home broke:} We spent the rest of the afternoon vegging and reading at the hotel, met another family there from Madison, I think it should be the Posada del Madison for the week I played Miguel a couple of games of pool and lost I have not played for quite some time and was very rusty. ( I kept reminding Miguel of that) But it was fun never the less. We finally got some of the beautiful colors and sunset we had been waiting for and the pictures to treasure and show friends and family. We had a light dinner, some tacos at Taqarea Medina I thought they were pretty good but my wife was not to happy with hers. We stopped at the Posada bar to say Hi to our 2 favorite bartenders and Vee and Tim were there. We chatted with them and I lost another game of pool to Miguel but the rust is falling off and it is getting closer! I think it is time to end the day and hope Monday feels better than today, as we only have 1 full day left!!!

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