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Isla Mujeres Day 3

By: sengel (View Profile)
Date: 8/10/2010

I have been waiting for this day for so long!!! Enough looking at other peoples pictures...I was going to see it all for myself...Camera batteries fully charged - CHECK, extra batteries in case these ones die - CHECK...bathing suit - CHECK...good to go!
Once again I had arranged for a private tour with USA clockwork we were met at the UltraMar dock in Cancun by Fernando...its 6:30am by the way...dont need any coffee though...I am so pumped its just sickening...hubby on the other hand is not too impressed by the early start to our day...I bite my tongue though...cause I know hes gonna be VERY HAPPY he came...

**Side Note:...if you havent noticed yet...I am the one who arranged this entire trip...I have been Googling, reading blogs, watching web-cams, ordering maps, lurking on other people trip reports for probably the last 9 months...My hubbys idea of a good vacation (until now) was going to Phoenix and going shopping...yes he is the shopper in this relationship...gawd love him for it cause he does know hope to shop..but I have always wanted to go someplace tropical with white sand beaches...foreign languages and with the locals...experiencing life in other planning this was a difficult task of tiptoeing around all that I wanted us to see and do knowing that he would enjoy himself... At one point he asked me to stop talking about the trip when during a cartoon commercial about travelers diarrhea I said " ha ha that might be us!"..he cut me off short...I had to lay low for a bit....back to the report...**

Once the hubby realizes that we have this awesome guy Fernando all to ourselves all an air conditioned van to boot...he loosens up a bit...and when I ask Fernando if it was possible for us to stop at a cenote...which he heartily agrees and knows exactly the one he will take us husband confesses that he did not bring a bathing suit...claiming that he didnt know...I talked so much about everything I wanted us to experience that I believe he got so tired of listening me and just blocked me out at some point completely...I dont blame him actually...and he said he doesnt blame me either...Fernando the Awesome easily stops at a mall so hubby can buy a bathing suit...easy peasy once again...and its off to Tulum for our first Mayan experience! Tulum is just stunning!!! A bit busy...we got there later than expected due to the mall stop and a bad accident on the highway that had us rerouted for about an hour...but we got there non the less and crowds or not I was in love <3...Iguanas all over the place sunning themselves...over a thousand years of history right at our fingertips... how beautiful this place must have been... ow with all the research I would think I would have remembered to bring 2 of the most vital items for a day of touring ruins....sunscreen and a hat...I was too worried about my to know me you would know that I NEVER leave the house without bangs....yes Im talking about my hair my forehead had probably never seen the sun in like 20+ years...lets just say I was happy for the shade of some trees cause I could start to hear the sizzling coming from my the market in Tulum I immediately bought a hat...and I think I was just in time..." do you smell something my hubby asked?"...nope..not me I say...

We were treated to The Papantla Flyers as we reached the market...a small donation made for the show...a few souvenirs bought for the niece back home watching our dogs and house while we are away...and it is back in the to Coba...but first we need food....

Fernando drives us to Coba and takes us to a restaurant on the corner of the street...we invite him to join us for lunch...our treat...and we begin chow down on some fabulous dishes....Cochinita Pibil, Carnitas...we are in food heaven! Plus Fernando has made friends with the young men working there and they banter back and forth teaching each other their language...Fernando teaching them some Spanish and them "trying" to teach us Mayan...I throw in a few Dutch words I know...and we are all happily confused...and enjoying every minute of it!

With dinner done Fernando says he will take us to the cenote to cool off before we tour Coba...sounds like a great idea...further into the jungle we go. We arrive at Tamcach -Ha Cenote...basically a hole in the ground with a sturdy wooden spiral staircase going down into its depths...We change into our bathing suits and shower off before descending the stairs... down and down we go....Oh My this is just eerie and amazing at the same time...there is a high platform to jump off deep is this water??? Fernando says it is 24 meters the bottom of the stairs we are completely covered by the earth...stalactites hang from the ceiling everywhere...some dripping with moisture...some with trees growing out of them...there are only several of us there...not crowded at all...IN WE GO!!! The water is fresh not and oh so refreshing!...swim swim swim....we both feel out of breath easily must have something to do with being underground...We watch a man jump from the platform...I have to do up I go...hubby waits to get the video going so he can record it...I want to chicken out when I am standing on the top...but everyone is now watching me...DAMN!...OK here I goooooooooo....SPLASH....I survived...the bathing suit is still on...that was awesome!!! We swim around for a bit longer...and then head back up into the world above....heat and the van...I notice that the jump has removed some of the beautiful pedicure nail-polish I had done before our trip...good thing I pointed my toes on impact....

Coba...into the jungle again we go...we opt for a Mayan Limousine tour as Fernando called them...our driver is Sammy...speaks very little english...of true Mayan decent...such a hard job he has...biking around our two lazy butts on his bike...our butts dont even fit on the seat together very trip starts out with a bit of excitement as Sammy stops the bike suddenly and points in the air in front of us...A snake has fallen out of the air....the snake had just snatched a baby bird from its nest and the mother bird had the snake in its beak trying to free her young one...the snake falls to the ground and slithers away while the baby bird lay dead in front of us...mother bird chirping frantically in the tree...all I could think of was "OH MY GAWD WHAT IF THAT SNAKE FELL ON US!!!!!"....shows over...Sammy moves us along....Walking through the jungle at each of the sites is so surreal...just thinking of the Mayans there before us...building their temples and roads...the monumental stature of everything...hard to believe...I find myself wishing we had a tour-guide to tell us more...I will research this more on my own when I get home I tell myself... next stop... Nohoc Mul...and the climb...we buy Sammy a Coke while he waits for us again...
The climb to the top was not that difficult except for the heat...and the family with a zillion children that met me almost at the top...they were coming up so fast I was scared for them...and me...I held tight to let them pass...the view from the top was amazing...I could see the top of the Watchtower peeking through the trees...stop and climb down was easy too...the rocks are wider than I though they would be...hubby is waiting at the bottom for me to safely make it down...while he is waiting for me he takes note of the trees and how their bark camouflaged...hence the pictures of the trees...So much of Coba is still buried by the jungle...what other treasures are still to be discovered someday...we are both amazed by what we have seen today....

Our drive back to Cancun is uneventful and a little quiet...everyone is tired and reflecting...Fernando stops in Cancun at the beach so we can see what the hustle and bustle is all about....the beach is big and white and beautiful....but we both can not wait to get back to Isla...
We say our goodbyes to Fernando...what a wonderful man to spend our day of adventure with...I have already written a nice email to USA Transfers commending him and their company...I highly recommend them =)

Back home we clean up...walk down Hidalgo for a quick supper...Chiles Relleno tonight....and it is excellent!

To be contd........

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