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One Old Fat Guy Returns... Day 2..... Part 1

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 12/19/2006

Day 2 Saturday, October 28

It’s Golf Cart Day!

I made coffee in the room and sat out on the balcony. The balconies at Bucanero’s are NOT made for Old Fat Guys! Has to be the skinniest balcony I’ve ever seen!

Then it was time to wake the girls and see if anyone wanted to join me for breakfast. That’s a no win situation…. Don’t wake them and hear about it later cause they missed breakfast, or wake them and be greeted by three female Tasmanian Devils for waking them up too early!

Two of the three opted for breakfast and we just headed down to Bucanero’s.

Now it was time to get the golf cart and head out. It was a windy, cloudy day and looked like it was going to rain any minute, but never did! We rented a golf cart at El Sol and off we went.

In keeping with the Old Fat Guy tradition, as we headed down the main street I started singing as loud as I could…. “get your motor running, head out on a highway, looking for adventure, or whatever comes our way.” Of course the girls were totally embarrassed and laughing their butts off at the same time!

First stop was La Gloria School to drop off the books and copier paper I brought.

Then we just started going up and down the streets, stopping to give toys to the ninos and ninas along the way. It’s truly amazing the joy and excitement a simple ball or squirt gun brings.

After only a couple of stops all three girls admitted they really felt like a bunch of spoiled brats! It was truly an eye opening experience for them!!

Next we decided to try and find that little Cuban place everyone talks about. Armed with Donna’s directions we found it with no problem…. Well, there was one problem… it was closed! But what a neat looking little place. It looks just like the cover of a Jimmy Buffett CD… have to try again next trip!

OK, then I guess it’s time to head for La Lomita’s… I’m ready for some bean soup and her special fish!

We ordered a couple bowls of bean soup and one lime soup. They’re almost a meal in themselves. I don’t remember what else the girls got…. One had shrimp and said it was awesome, and I had the fish, of course. I just love this place!!

We just started working our way around the island again and stopped at the turtle farm.

Next we made our way to the end of the island and Garrafon, Punta Sur, etc. It was so cloudy; it just wasn’t nearly as pretty as it is when the sun is shinning! But that didn’t stop us from getting some homemade ice cream from the ice cream man. The girls all got lime and I got the coconut. Good stuff!!

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