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Not what I expected..

By: swebby
Date: 7/19/2007

Ok, first.. I want to make it clear that whatever criticism I make here, it's understood that "overall" I had a great time and the people of Isla are wonderful and hospitable. But there were a few things that left me a little disappointed, and I thought I could share some things so that others know what they're getting into..

We just got back yesterday from spending 5 days at Posada Del Mar..

I have never been to the carribean, but I've heard all the wonderful stories and was really looking forward to the trip. My son and his girlfriend had been to Isla last year and thought that I would really love it, so they included me again this year. They did explain that the island was more colorful, less "touristy" than Cancun and some of the resort towns.. but since I'm almost 50 and long past my spring breaks, it sounded great to me.

But I was really surprised at how few Americans, or other english speaking tourists were on the island. I only met 2 other people there the whole 5 days. It seems to be a major vacation spot for the Mexican citizens. As someone who was traveling as a "3rd", I was really hoping to be able to meet some other fun folks on vacation at the hotel bar, etc. As it turned out, I spent more time than I wanted either sitting in the bar solo, reading in my room or walking thru the shops alone. My kids didn't abandon me or anything, but I was making an effort to give them some alone time too. Not the best spot for a non-spanish speaking female on her own I guess.

The other thing is how early everything shuts down. Our last day we had gone into Cancun for the day and did the Jungle Tour and then Senor Frogs for dinner.. TOO much fun!! : ) We got back to the hotel around 10 pm or so and wanted to hang out at the bar/pool to go over the days events and wind down.. Even tho we were told that the bar was open til 12 pm, the bartender (Romi) was sitting and reading the newspaper and refused to turn on the radio or anything. We really begged him to liven the place up, but he said he intended to close it down at 11 that night and didn't want to start anything up.

Since we still hadn't showered from our day trip, we really didn't want to take it into the other part of downtown.. we just wanted to hangout close to the hotel for another drink before turning in.. But it was a no go.. He really wouldn't budge. :(

The hotel itself was "ok".. It was really very basic, but clean. Not too bad considering the price I guess. Don't expect any ammenities however.. No ice machine, or privacy locks on the door. Minimum towels that were really showing their age. No plastic bags for packing wet suits.. No coffee machine, no extra's period.

I'm sure for some that the "old mexico" feel of the island is exactly why they go.. but I have to say that after visiting Cancun for the day, I can't believe we didn't stay there.

Oh, and when you consider the pain it is dealing with luggage from the airport to the bus, then to a ferry, then to a taxi to the hotel.. Well.. I could have been well on my way to a good buzz and a tan at one of the resorts in Cancun! : )

Just make sure you really know where you're going, and that it's pretty "rustic".

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