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Days 7 and 8

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 3/11/2010

Day 7: We woke up to the BEST day of the week--no wind and lot of sun!! YAY!! FINALLY!

We decided to try to look for a restaurant that served Crepes as my BF was hankering for some. We decided to try Maximum. I really thought we hit the mark, but unfortunately, it wasnt for us. No fresh OJ--but the coffee was great! The crepes were disappointing for my BF--he ordered the ham and cheese crepes. I ordered eggs and bacon--and they were okay--not spectacular--and no real wow factor. We decided we would not eat here again--too spendy for what you get. We did meet some other nice folks from Minnesota and enjoyed conversation while we dined. We knew some of the same people--its such a small world, isnt it?

After Maximum we decided that we would hit the beach--YAH!!! We got our beach chairs free as we stayed at Posada--so we picked out a nice area that had both sun and shade and got ready to camp out for the day. We stayed on the beach, enjoying the way I envisioned Mexico to be--hot, warm breeze, friendly people, great music and food and drink and fabulous people watching. PERFECT DAY. We took breaks from our sun worshipping to walk along the beach and had a few drinks and chips/guac at Sergios, then playtime in the water and snoozing in the shade.

Lunch was fish tacos and fish and chips at Bally Hoo. We walked along the beach to get there--watch out for the boats docked...when the tide pulls them out, the ropes come off the ground and can trip you if you arent careful! After a couple of excellent maragaritas and GREAT food, we meandered back to our chairs and layed around until it was time for dinner.

Back to the hotel, shower and freshen up for dinner. We were still rather stuffed from lunch as it was a later lunch than normal, but since it was our last night there, we felt obligated to eat again! Watched the last sunset--beautiful and walked into town.

We ended up at Angelos restaurant--sitting there--but ordered off the Viva de Cubre menu across the street (they are sister restaurants). I ordered the fish chunks (grouper) and my BF ordered the Pork cutlets. The waiter must have not waited on folks who ordered off the other menu as he seemed confused. Our dinners got mixed up a bit--but thats okay--we just swapped out the food--and I ate the rice I was given instead of the black beans. The food was EXCELLENT and I would highly recommend eating here. We also each had a glass of wine which wasnt too bad. I had the Cab and my BF had the Chianti. We also watched an artist sketch a few portraits of people--he did an amazing job. People watching is always fun--and it was so nice NOT to wear a jacket or sweater!!

After dinner, we strolled along Hildago and took in the sights and smells of downtown. Beautiful night.

DAY 8--our day to leave. We got up, got things ready, headed over to the French Bistro for our last breakfast. Excellent breakfast. Walked over to the Ferry and waited for our turn to be sent back to reality. Another beautiful day--too bad we had to travel back. Best Day arrived (running a bit late, but still well within time), and took us back to the airport. The lines at the airport were long, but we had enough time to eat and peruse a few stores before having to board the plane.

All in all our trip was nice. The island people are very friendly and accommodating. Always a smile and a greeting when walking down the street. I liked the laid back atmosphere and the less touristy feel of this island, though from what I understand, its become way more touristy than what it was. I was expecting it to be a little warmer and WAY less wind. I dont mind a little wind, or having it be windy one day--but 5 out of 7 days is a bit much.

We debated throughout the trip if we would return based on the weather--but it sounds like this was unusual? We have decided to give Isla another go next winter and try the things we didnt do this last time: Capt Tonys Contoy trip, fishing and another golf cart trip with walking through the other towns.

Thanks for the information I received from all of the Isla experts on this board. It made planning the trip so much fun and much easier. You are so wonderful!

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