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SEPT 1-5, 2007 Too short... but fabulous!

By: kkbrenk (View Profile)
Date: 9/17/2007

First let me say the crowds -or lack thereof- this time of year is just wonderful. Some restaurants, etc. closed (Elements and Verona) but we had such a relaxing time...

you can see our pics here:

Use my login: (password - kenyon)

I switched jobs earlier this year from full scope HR mgmt to corporate training and this was sort of a reward! This was a last minute trip, we booked just 2 weeks or so before and went without reservations since it was low season… I got tickets on PriceLine (which I will not do again, but the price was right!) and wound up on United, an airline that I loathe. We left an hour late from Denver, connected at O’Hare on the way home, delayed again and the stewardess was beyond rude on the final leg. That said – we had a great trip outside of the air travel.

We arrived late on Saturday, Sept. 1 – Cancun Valet right on time, despite our delay – walked up to Vistalmar and got a room in the rear with air and a fridge. The final cost was about $45 a night, which seemed on the high side to me considering it was low season and we stay for that price at Sabina’s during high season with more space and just a nicer place… The room was fine, rustic – very hard pillows but the beds were fine. The hottest water I have ever had on the island! Jeff had to wake a “guard” to get out the gate in the mornings to go for his AM stroll around 5:30-6am.

Saturday we had dinner at Bally Hoo – shrimp tacos, Sols, cheese quesadilla for the little one and some guac. I love this little place… they had a DJ there this night – first I’d seen that on the island.

Sunday we woke, had breakfast at Jax – our little one loves their breakfast tacos. Back to the room to change and we planted ourselves at Caribbean Queen for the day. WOW is it hot this time of year. Lots of Sols for me and Coronas for Jeff, who spied Maria for me so it was pepitas, peanuts, etc. for lunch. Kenyon spent the entire day in the water, played in the sand – I finished a book. Overall an idyllic day. Went back to the room around 3 to siesta. Walked to the square, not much going on… stopped to say Ola to Miguel, had some Pom Margs (dangerous, dangerous stuff - but so darn tasty) and Coronas. He is so kind and welcoming, especially to Kenyon. We had dinner at Pizza Rock and then ice cream carried over to OM for a night cap. Kenyon loves the rooftop seating and goofy cartoons.

Monday we decided to head to Zama – I ran to the market in the AM for some breakfast fruit and pastries. We spent the entire day lounging – nachos, lobster quesadilla and hot dog for lunch. We enjoy it there very much; did not get to go in April as they were closed for private parties so we soaked in the day. No daytrippers off-season! Back to the room for siesta then to Fredy’s for sangrias, Sol – shared shrimp fajitas, shrimp ceviche and guacamole. Always good food and a fun host. We ran into an interesting fellow who shall heretofore be known as Snake Man. He’s a late 20-something hostel dweller who carries around 2 snakes and discusses perception. Of snakes, of littering, somehow one is tied to the other. I respect what he’s trying to do – but the message was a bit muddled. I’m sure he’ll work it out as the season ramps up in December! We walked to the square and there was a big kick off celebration for Independence. Crowning of a queen, mariachi, lighting of all the lights around the square – it was lots of fun. Kenyon found the playground, Jeff found a torta, we wrapped up the evening with a beer and Miguel.

Tuesday, our last full day we went shelling on the Caribbean side then we hit Caribbean Queen again, Alex took great care of us. Repeat of Sunday! We siesta’d early and went to Sunset Grill to watch the sun go down. Kenyon had some chicken fingers while we had beers and some guac. I find the food here marginal, but the view can’t be beat! We hit the square again, found some flan – yum. From there we visited with Miguel and his family – he and Kenyon had quite a coloring session, she made him a picture of the two of them. When he put it in his photo album, she was quite pleased with herself and still treasures the one he drew for her… We wandered down the street, found a blanket for me and a new t-shirt for Kenyon. Taco’s were calling so we hit Medina then Kool. The Cinnamon is wonderful.

Weds. AM we have to catch the 10am ferry – so we went to MJ’s for breakfast. Kenyon had pancakes, Mujeres Cazuela for me, Ranchera for Jeff… then back to our room to pack, etc. Home we go!!

It was such a nice break from reality – we will be back the first week of March. Bringing my world-traveling parents (they did New Zealand, Australia and Figi this year - 2008 is Machu Pichu and the Gallapagos Islands) for their first ever trip to Mexico. Looking forward to being back at Sabina’s and back on the island…

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