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The Griswald PHlock goes to Mexico (Part 2)

By: ph terry AR (View Profile)
Date: 4/14/2005

The Griswald PHlock goes to Mexico

Part 2-Tuesday

I arise with the sound of the grackles at an early hour, most likely around 6:30. I don・t wear a watch and even if I normally did, I would toss it in the Caribbean as soon as I boarded the ferry unless I passed a cenote first along the way. I grab my robe and the empty pitcher in the bathroom and make my way to the lobby for some agua purificada. I return to the room to make what I deem as a 2 cup pot of coffee. It says 4 cups but, I have never had a third cup out of that pot much less a fourth. Nothing quite like sitting on the patio listening to the grackles, the sound of the wind rustling through the palms, drinking a fresh cup of Folgers, smoking that first cigarette of the day, and watching the friggets soar overhead. I wonder what kind of life it would be to be a frigget. All you・d have to do all day is sail around with very little effort. Maybe swoop down now and then and eat a fish.

Marlys soon joins me on the patio with the second cup of coffee and wakens me from my trance. We sit together on the patio and admire the garden area just over the rail from us. It looks like it is going to be a marvelous day in Paradise. It・s a tad windy but sunny and warm. First on the agenda is to get everyone up and dressed, go secure a couple of golf carts and eat breakfast. Dad decides to sleep in while we go to breakfast, etc. I decide to go to Alexus y Giovanni・s for breakfast and we can stop by Ciro・s along the way and get the golf carts. They have one cart left and it is only about 9 or 930. One of the hands there drives me in that cart all over town looking for a second cart. Only one other place even has a cart and they want $65 for a full day. No gracias. I left my lighter with Marlys and the rest of the gang at Ciro・s so the cigarette I・ve been mouthing the whole way is no good by the time we return. I tell the guy where we are going for breakfast in case he has a cart returned in the next few and finish filling out the paperwork for the one cart. They of course ask for my drivers license which I know I have left at PdM with the rest of our ID・s. I offer them either $20 from my billfold or 200 pesos from my money clip in my front pocket of my shorts, I don・t remember but they accept until I can return with my drivers license.

Meanwhile we go eat breakfast. A&G・s is packed. The other 3 loncherias are not. I・ve eaten Carolina・s before for breakfast and it was good so we eat there. No one that works these loncherias speaks any Ingles that I have found. I do the majority of the translating for each order placed and determine whether they want their bacon (cocina) on the side or not and relay as best I can to the waitress (this translating becomes a regular job). Coffee is served. A nuked cup of water and Nescafe. It really wasn・t bad for instant coffee but it ain・t Folgers in the morning. Fresh squeezed OJ (niranja). YUM!!!!! The kids all drank at least 2 glasses each (at 15 pesos a pop)I don・t recall what everyone had but do remember that 2 fruit plates were shared around the table and were scarfed down in no time. Kim had 2 entrees. One of which was hotcakes with a fried egg. The egg was in between the hot cakes. Ooops! Sorry Kim I didn・t catch that order. No problemo Uncle Terry, it・s pretty good!! While we are eating the guy from Ciro・s pulls up with another golf cart. We agree to come back after breakfast and after I have gone back to the room to fetch my drivers license. Tim accompanies me on the return in order to drive the other cart back to the hotel..

Marlys and Kim head for the beach. I get back and make it my quest to go find Marianne from Fruitcake City and get my coveted Isla 2005 button. I go to Playa Sol and there is Sergio. We exchange holas and handshakes. Chat for a bit. I get a virgin Strawberry daiquiri which turns out to be the best one of the trip. Sergio doesn・t let me pay for it. He insists the first one is on the house for Isla board folks. No problemo mi amigoKmuchas gracias. Is Marianne in her usual spot? Si and he points down to Marrianne・s usual spot (maybe shifted south a few yards but fairly close to last year・s spot. I trudge off looking for her. I somehow missed her. Either she was in the ocean, the bano, or some other cutie caught my eye while I was walking around looking for her. I then look for Marlys and Kim for awhile to no avail. Hop back in the cart and drive over to Trinchan, thinking maybe Marianne was headed back there, I could give her a lift, say mi holas, and collect my button. No, Marianne but, Rick was outside and I chatted with him for a few.

I return to Posada, empty handed. Marianne will be here another couple of days so I・ll find her yet. Mother and Dad are sitting at Penguinos when I arrive. I think Dad got up and had a burger and fries.

Kids were all hanging out at the pool. Marlys, Kim, and Tim eventually walk up. They・ve been sandblasted and nuked enough for one day. Golf cart #2 hasn・t moved. I ask them where they・d been and they replied Buhos. Why didn・t ya・ll take the cart? Tim wanted to walk on the beach. Guess I can・t blame him. I had hormones once upon a time too. It・s around noon. I・m not really hungry as we had breakfast fairly late. Bill, Jo Anna, Brian, and Brent are supposed to arrive around 2 or 3. Let・s go look for Marianne again honey. Off we go (in the cart) back to Playa Sol. Have another strawberry daiquiri at Sergios and find Marianne this time in her usual spot. Collect button and chat for awhile. Good to see Marianne! (Thanks Marianne for the button- It is displayed proudly on my camera bag with my 2004 button) .

View from Marianne・s spot on Playa Sol

Back to the hotel. The rest of the PHlock has landed and are getting settled into their rooms. Bill is wanting beer thus I offer to drive him to get some. We get a six pack of Dos Equis around the block and I tell him I・ll go get him some more (cheaper) along with an ice chest and a bag of ice as a six pack between him, Brian< and Brent probably won・t last 15 minutes. Marlys, Josie, and I load into the cart and head to Mirtita・s where I had purchased a six pack cooler for my Ensure earlier in the morning(forgot that part- the ice chest is at Posada Bar if anyone needs it). Marlys informs me on the way back that she needs some more cigarettes. I let her off on Hidalgo just north of Hotel Bucaneero・s and give her directions to the tobacco place just down the street from there. I・ll meet you at the end of this block honey as there・s no place to park here. Bad idea! At the end of that block is where the Avalon timeshare sharks feed. We are immediately greeted by Jose M???? from the Avalon. No gracias amigo! Tiuggi (sp?-popsicle) man walks by. Amigo!!! Dos limon tiuggis por favor!! Love my lime popsicles on Isla. Yum!! Jose is still here. He sells me on two golf carts for two days if I・ll go listen to the presentation. Yes, I have a wife and a credit card. Actually talked me into 100 pesos to guarantee I・d be there. I tried to get a free pass for the PHlock to Garrafon but, he didn・t go for it. Marlys finally arrives just in time to finish off my rapidly melting tiuggi while I・m jacking w/ Jose. We leave and I catch the ribbing and whys ?? from Marlys. I・m wondering myself. Good salesman Jose M .

We make our way back to Posada and everyone is in the bar or the pool. Before I know it I・ve missed the sunset and it・s grumbly tummy time. OK, where to eat to satisfy the non-seafooders and not too far from golf cart parking to entrance for Dad・s sake ? Chili Locos !! We approach from the north end of Hidalgo (our first mistake) wind up real close to Chile Locos but there are tables all over the streets (ie: no parking ie: we shouldn・t be here in these golf carts. Let Dad out and everyone else on my cart and hit reverse to get outta there. Tim finds a place fairly close. I end up making the block and parking on one of the east-west streets. We are a large crowd now, 15 Arkies. No problemo, Jorge sets us all up. Josh and his friend take a table off to theirselves. The twins and Josie take one to theirselves and the adults all get about 3 or 4 tables pushed together. Bill, Brian< and Brent have all had mucho cervesas this afternoon. Undoubtedly my Mother and Dad had a couple of slags themselves. My Mother talks loud and a lot. She talks loud because neither she or Dad can hear very well but neither will wear their hearing aids. Brian starts in on Josh (teasing) about him not being big enough to sit at the big peoples table and just giving him a hard time in general. It was ok, Josh hardly ever sees his cousins so I was kinda glad they were kidding around. Long story short it got a little out of hand with the noise level of our group. One of them was needing a beer all the time and poor Jorge was running his butt off. I was embarrassed but then again Marlys and I were the only ones sober. Someone from the board (name withheld) even came and introduced herself to me and told me we were obnoxious and could be heard all the way to the street. I thanked her and I sincerely meant it as I was trying to qualm the storm myself. Bill and Brian were to the point of trying to get Josh and his friend to try some beer. Not really something I wanted to get back to Timothy・s parents. Finally, food arrives and everything quiets down. Mariachis come and play for us. A rude remark was made to the little mariachi boy and I cringed in hopes he didn・t understand English.

I get up and go to pay the bill behind the bar. One, I just needed to get away from the table and two, I was in charge of the pesos for Mother and Dad who wanted to buy all dinners during our stay. Plus, Jorge deserved a heck of a tip and an apology. Get the bill and dig out my pesos. Uh oh, might not be enough of a tip.. Oh well, I・ll just get one of those cenotes (sic) out of my wallet. Errrrr, it・s not in my right rear pocket (where it normally is.. It・s not in my front pocket (where I sometimes put it in places I think I could be pickpocketed). I・ve got about 6 pockets in this pair of shorts and it・s not in any of them. I can feel the lack of blood pressure medicine (I missed a few doses). Panic sets in. OHHHHHH COCKA!!! I scrounged up enough pesos and pay Jorge. Look under the table where I was sitting. Figure if anything it could be on the seat of the golf cart so I trot down there to the cart. No wallet. Back to Chile Locos to tell everyone what・s going on. Tim takes Dad and how ever many of the others which will fit his cart, Marlys and I take off in our cart back to the Posada Bar. No wallet to be found there. Last I remember having it for sure is last night when I exchanged money at the cambio. I・ve been all over Playa Norte today. It could have come out of my back pocket riding in the golf cart anywhere. Me get out and go somewhere, someone come along and pick it up off the seat. There was a guy supposedly from Canada that we gave a lift back to his golf cart rental place from Buhos because he had supposedly lost his golf cart key in the ocean. He could have slipped it out of my pocket from the back seat. There was somewhere between 5 V 7 hundred dollars in it, a credit card, ATM card, a few other cards that didn・t help anyone but me such as Blue cross, fishing license, etc. Main thing was the cash and the ATM card which I needed for spending money. We give up looking for it for the night and I go to the bar for a $3 virgin Daq. Romy suggests that I go ahead and get a police report filed in the morning. Walk uptown and listen to a band or two for awhile and call it a night

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