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By: sandia (View Profile)
Date: 7/31/2011

Isla Mujeres Trip Report- June 2011

How do you thank the kindness and generosity of friends who make another friend’s dream come true?
This I will be pondering for a long time…

This is a trip report that will jump around a bit but the main story is the wonderful surprise concocted mainly by my husband Brian and by Marcia Addams who lives on Isla Mujeres and has been my friend now for quite some time.

Brian and I take an annual trip in May to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary, both on May 18th. We gained custody of our 16 year old grandson in October so we knew the May trip was off since Zack would still be in school. Instead, we decided to go in June when school was out- we wanted him to see a different world. We live in a small town and several of my fellow townspeople have also been to Isla…..we started asking around to see if anyone else wanted to go……claro que sí. One by one they signed up... Patti and Mike who own the local diner where you get the scoop of the daily events. Doug who owns the graphics shop next door to Patti’s and who was the T-shirt guy for the Barracuda Bash for several years [funny to see those shirts fly by on a bicycle or moped when we are down there!]. Doug is also known as “Rambo” by the fishermen because Doug is, well, BIG, in a good way, muscular and fit. Doug’s beautiful girlfriend Barb who is a horticulturist at White Flower Farm. Julianne, a friend I’ve known for years [in our small town, it is hard NOT to know anyone]. Her friend Linda who became an instant friend- she totally “got” Isla. My in-laws; Dad is 87, Mom is 83, they’ve been to Isla several times. They live next door to Brian and I. Of course our grandson Zack. More newbies: Brynn and her adorable son Shane Harley, Andrea and Brynn’s sister Chrissy. And then Isla regulars who live about ½ hour from us- Jamqueen Ann and her hubby Alan. So it was..the June Jaunt of 2011 with 17 varying characters…all of whom contributed to one of the best trips of my lifetime

Due to work schedules, Brian decided to join us a few days later as he wanted to guide the younger newbies through the airportconnections, shuttle to ferry, etc. Chrissy had to join us from Utah so they all connected in Atlanta. 12 of us arrived on Saturday the 18th. Two tricycle guys to the Posada de Mar [PDM]….rooms all set upon arrival, everyone happy with their assignments. I love this group- low maintenance, nobody needed coddling, the only real request was a King bed for the big guy-LOL, which was granted! As soon as we got there, folks headed out to do their thing, whatever that may be. I was happy settling in at the palapa bar, catching up with Romy and Lee and just talking with some of our group. I walked around with Zack who has never been out of the USA trying to get him oriented to the downtown area. It was a low key day….

Sunday was a special day- Jamqueen Ann had arranged for our college student “Gaby” to meet us at PDM Pinguino’s Restaurant along with her little sister Marilyn. IslaNana’s student Felipe came with his little brother Edgar. They are all so sweet and POLITE! We talked about the schooling and other things and invited them to eat lunch. We gave them some little gifts and we had a blast telling Edgar a word in Spanish and he would write it on a little eraser board in English. He’s a smart little dude. And Marilyn just smiled and giggled and drew pictures….it was a great time.

Monday: We knew that Brian, Brynn, Harley, Andrea and Chrissy would be getting in around 3 PM so we headed down to the Isla Bonita bar to await the rest of our gang. Well, the 3 PM ferry came…the 3:30…the 4…I am getting a little worried…oh well, another Sol helps…the bartender at Isla Bonita kept telling me that my husband had run off with another woman [LOL, you should have seen her face when he showed up with 3 beautiful young ladies!]. Finally, 5 PM and they are here! Much laughter ensues and we march back to PDM. I think most of us went to Angelos that night [I didn’t take notes, but some ordered from Victor’s Cuban place across the street]….early night…but I know everyone enjoyed their food and drinks…and it was great that we were all there together, safe and sound [but not necessarity sane]...

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