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Dec. 13-22...Day 8

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 1/22/2007


Up early enjoying the rooftop view with my coffee. I'll miss this serenity! (Even more than I realized then) We went to breakfast at M&J's again. I love the cazuela with ham, tomatoes, herbs and cheese. MMMMMMMMM And the orange juice there is absolutely amazing. We came back, changed and headed to the beach again.

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It is just so beautiful and peaceful here. I spent some time sitting at Buho's in one of the swings, reading my book and enjoying the view. You certainly can't get a view like this back home!

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H went to Manana's, picked up lunch and brought it back to the beach. Now THAT'S service! lol I got their tuna salad in a pita, she got the hummus with veggies and we shared. Sooooo good! We enjoyed the sun some more. I wanted to get some sunset pictures, but had been missing it all week. Since it's like summer here, I kept thinking sunset would be later than 5pm! lol We stayed later on the beach to try to get some pictures. There was a cloud bank near the water, so I didn't get the colors I was looking for, but it was beautiful nonetheless!

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We headed back to the apt. to shower for dinner. Oh...I forgot! One night that I missed... H and I bought dinner at the rotisserie place on Hildago for everyone. Got the chicken and the sides (pasta, beans, pickled onions, etc). We fed 12 people for $21 and had leftovers! That was incredible! And the food was good too. lol We stopped by Hortensia's to make more purchases from this wonderful woman. I got a really cute animal print outfit that I planned to wear that night. We stopped by DigaMe so I could call my little one. I was going on to her about our trip, and she said..."ok mom, that's enough. I'm ready for you to come home!" I assured her I would be there in 2 days. She's done really well with me being gone, and I've missed her terribly.

H had wanted to take me out for a romantic dinner. We had decided on Amigo's, because we enjoyed their food so much. Turns out, EVERYONE came with us on our "romantic dinner"! lol All 12 of us! What a hoot! Oh well...the company was wonderful and the food was absolutely excellent. I had a garlic shrimp dinner that was amazing.

The locals had strung pinatas on the garland that was hanging across Hildago. The kids went down Hildago hitting each pinata. They were adorable! Didn't know we were getting entertainment with our dinner tonight! I loved being a part of the local lifestyle. We walked around Hildago for awhile, then went over to the plaza. All the families had been gathering there most nights this week. There were kids playing soccer all over. We went between two adorable kids to get to the juice place (at the corner of the plaza). I looked at the kids, held my hands up and said "un momento". H looked at them at the same time and held her hands up in a T and said "american...time out". The littlest one looked up and grinned and said "un peso". He was a cutie! Of course I couldn't resist a request like that.

We walked over to the juice place and got our favorite...guanabana (sp??). Man that stuff is good!!! We got back to the apartments and Sharon was standing outside waiting for her daughter to get back with Juan Carlos. She said, "How was your 'romantic dinner' with the whole family?!" I said, "It was WONDERFUL thank you!" And really meant it. I've really enjoyed traveling with these great, goofy people! lol I went up to the roof to reflect a bit, then headed down to bed. Just a side note...and to the really young ones on this board, you probably won't remember this! lol Every single time I would head up to the roof, the song "Up on the roof" would play in my head! LOL Only one more full day...

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