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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 15

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/6/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 10 Day 15

“Invasion Of The Day Trippers And…..It’s Sparkarita Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The day of THE PARTY dawns…..clouds along the horizon again….

The temperature this morning is really comfortable….25C…and the humidity is just perfect too….58%.
The wind seems to have changed direction a bit and is now coming from the north east.
I think that might dash any idea of snorkeling today.

The view to the south of the Roca Mar from our balcony…

And the famous Roca Mar rock…now without the seats that used to be there…

Around 8, it’s off to M & J’s for breakfast. I’m a little embarrassed
but Pedro only smiles when I order….”Can I have toast, OJ….and some of those yummy potatoes, por favor?!”
Vince orders an omelet and chaya….woohoo!
We enjoy every bite…$133MXP including tip.

Filled to the brim, I head for the bank while Vince takes the moped for
a gas refill. Great exchange rate at the bank today…8.97MXP/CDN.

When Vince gets back from getting gas from Cheeklet, we decide to take a drive to the
south end of the malecon to take a few pictures of the damage there.
The water on the east side has pretty colours today too…

Off we go on the moped to just south of the naval
base. It really must have been something to see
the waves crashing here during the storm…

It’s feeling toasty out so it’s time to head
for the sun and sand at Playa Norte. We park
the moped in our usual spot by Buho’s. It’s
strange to see no other mopeds or golf carts
parked here today…wonder why….As we step onto
the sand, it’s obvious! The wind is blowing
right across Playa Norte and the sand is blowing
around. The beach is practically deserted!
We try to sit behind a little bush, but it
doesn’t help…think we will have to find a different
beach today.

Back on the moped, we scoot off to Playa Sol and Sergio’s.
Maybe we’ll bump into Marianne from NYC and
get her cool Isla Mujeres buttons.
When we arrive, we’re happy to find that
it’s not as windy here today. In fact, the
water is looking gorgeous here today…

Even the birds are happy to be here!…

We find some loungers…which are free here as
long as you buy some drinks. No problem
with that…we’re definitely thirsty!
Jan and Bruce are comfy in their loungers and
soon Marianne arrives as well. She generously
gives us our Isla buttons and we quickly secure
them to our bags. They look great…thank you so
much Marianne!

We get drinks and happily lay out in the sun
and begin the routine of roast and relax.
Hmmmm….seems to be a lot of foot traffic right
where we’re sitting. I sit up and look around
and see a steady parade of day trippers heading
our way. The wristbands are a dead giveaway.
As luck would have it, an entire boatload has
just dropped a very large group off and they are
going to party right here. Oh joy.

There isn’t a lot of beach nearby to spread out,
but the four of us drag our loungers over towards
the waters’ edge and as far away from the party
group. Vince goes out on the dock with the
camera….he’s really having fun with these panoramic shots…

Such a beautiful day! We relax and read for a
while, fetch more drinks and then….Yikes!!!
The speakers blast us from 20 feet away!
The group has had their lunch and now they’re
going to have dance lessons on the beach.
We’ve never been here during the day so this
is a new experience for us. Maybe this was just a
really busy day here, but by 2:30 Vince and I have
had enough. Plans are made to meet up with Jan
and Bruce in a few hours to get ready for a
PARTAY of our own tonight!

Off on the moped we go, down the west side today.
When we stop in at Punta Sur, we decide to enjoy
some more strawberry margaritas here as they were
so good last time. Once again, they are tasty.
A lady starts chatting with us, asking if we’re
staying on the island. She and her family
are “visiting Isla today and just love it”.
I’m curious to know what these day trips include
so I ask her where they’ve been on their
tour…”Oh, we’ve been at Garrafon Park all day
and now we’re here at Caribbean Village”.
I try to keep my mouth from dropping open….um, does
she think she’s seen Isla? Before I can barely
recover, the next question floors me…”Where do you
stay here…are there hotels on the island?” I’m tempted
to say something similarly silly, but stay in polite
mode until we can excuse ourselves.
Vince and I practically burst out laughing once we
get out of view. I stop the giggling though as
we remember that we were once day-trippers too.
If we hadn’t taken that first day trip in 2002,
who knows! As long as everyone enjoys their visit
to Isla, that’s all that matters!

Off on the moped once again and up the east side.
As we get near centro Vince says he needs a snack.
We haven’t had rotisserie chicken yet, so that
sounds perfect to me. We go to the north end of
Hidalgo and park right by the Rotisserie restaurant there. There’s a line up! Guess everyone had the
same idea today! We’re getting take out so they
pack up ½ chicken, tortillas, and little bags of
beans and pickled onions….$50MXP. It’s delicious!

We gobble up and then it’s off to shower and get
ready for THE party! As planned we arrive at Jan
and Bruce’s room at 5. Bruce has just made some
tequila sunrises so we leave the boys to sip and
relax while Jan and I head a few steps away to the
flower shop. Fresh flowers have just arrived and
there are some beautiful ones to choose from. We
soon have just the arrangement that we want as a
hostess gift for Faith. They wouldn’t allow us to
bring anything but I’m sure she won’t refuse these
pretty blooms!

The boys are acting quite silly by the time we
arrive….a sign of things to come??? Not sure
how the conversation turned in this direction
but we decided the flowers were worthy of a
wedding bouquet…here are the happy couples!

Just kidding! Oh boy…this is going to be a
fun party! Off to find a taxi to take us away
and we arrive just in time to catch a nice sunset…

Several others have already arrived and Nat
comments on the amount of sun that I got today.
I just have to include this picture!…As I check
out my tan lines, take a look at Bruce! I didn’t
show anything, honest! But I just had to tease
Bruce about his expression!

Another sign of things to come! We step inside
to greet our wonderful hosts, Faith and John and
yes, she liked the flowers!…

Inside we find Linda, Nat and Les, Captain Tony,
Marcia, Ralph and a few other great people whose
names escapes me…sorry! There are wonderful appys
for us to nibble on…the most delicious bacon and
parmesan bread sticks, and eventually some
decadent brownies too.
And of course….Sparkaritas!!!!!! My notes are
sorely lacking for the remainder of the night
for some strange reason, so I think I’ll let the
pictures do the talking for me! Some of these
photos are from Lesley and I’ve put her name of
them…thanks Lesley!

As the evening progresses, the talk turns to the
fun events that occurred on the 1st Annual
Sparkarita party. We’re really not quite sure
what caused a certain scene to happen and I
certainly can’t post THAT picture, but it
definitely got the ball rolling…so to speak!

So…here we go chicas!

It looks like we all have the same hair
colour…isn’t that cool!

Redone as an oil painting to protect
the innocent…or guilty, as it were!

Well, the boys don’t want to be left out…

I could tell they were up to something!….once again….
I’ve added some special effects to protect those
bad boys!…

I wonder if the neighbours heard all the
screams and laughing! Faith and John sure
know how to throw a party….wonder if we’ll
ever get invited back!

Before it gets any crazier, our feet better
get walking!…

Captain Tony offers to drive the 4 of us
home and we happily accept. Seems to me
that we had to hijack a golf cart last year!
The giggles continue until we arrive at
Roca Mar where we quietly tiptoe up the
stairs and fall on the bed, exhausted
from all the fun!

Thank you Faith and John for another
amazingly memorable evening! And thank
you to all the wonderful amigos who shared
in all the fun….we were so happy to be part
of it. There’s nothing like
a ‘Sparkarita Party’!!!!

**Report Card
--M & J Cazuela’s—Deeeelicious…love those potatoes!
--Sergio’s—We really enjoy sunsets here and
during the day it’s nice that the chairs are
free if you get drinks…but, the day that we were
here it was very crowded and noisy. Perhaps when
the beach returns there’ll be more room for
everyone to spread out.
--Punta Sur—Good margaritas again
--Rotisserie chicken on north Hidalgo—excellent!
$50MXP for ½ chicken
--Flower Shop just south and west of Francis
Arlene—excellent variety of flowers

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