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Stacey, Carlo Elisa & Matteo – The kids’ first trip to Isla 6/2006

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 6/30/2006

Since I do not have the will to write a full trip report like last time, I’m just going to describe the highlights of our June 3- 10th trip.

Here are some memories we will always treasure:

The expressions of Elisa & Matteo’s faces while on the ferry to Isla were Priceless! They loved being on such a large boat, and Elisa was amazed by the color of the water.

The bliss Carlo and I felt upon arriving - we were again on ‘our’ island.

The sunsets! We didn’t experience many sunsets during our April trip…but Nautibeach is the perfect location for viewing the sunset, and we took time to enjoy it every night during this trip.

The first morning, Carlo decided to get up with the kids and take a walk on the beach so I could sleep in. When he entered their room, they were both already awake, and quietly looking out their window (which had a view of absolutely nothing). When he asked them what they were doing, they replied, “We’re watching the sunrise, Daddy!” So, instead of taking the kids to the beach, Carlo took them to the east side of the island to really watch the sunrise. I’m sad I missed the sunrise with my family - just hearing Carlo describe the scene brought tears to my eyes.

Going to Isla Contoy with Captain Tony…it was our favorite memory from April, and was also a special time in June. Elisa and Matteo were very well behaved on the boat, and loved being on the water. We worried that they might not be able to handle such a long day, but they were fine. Elisa loved playing with the Manta, and hanging out with Curiko (Capt. Tony’s daughter). Matteo fell asleep and missed the Manta, but he had a blast playing on the beach and teasing Capt. Tony.

Meeting BJMPAC (sorry we didn’t get to see you and your catch later that day…we were exhausted after the Contoy trip) and LARS in MN and her crew. Great folks! We met lots of wonderful people during our stay. The kids especially enjoyed the company of Perla, Sofie, Ethan, Gabi and Debbie.

We dubbed Matteo “the Pope” during our trip because of the way he walked down the street with a huge smile on his face, little hand waving, saying “HOLA” to everyone he passed.

Elisa loved walking down Hidalgo in her Mexican dress – ALL the ladies stopped her to tell her she was ‘muy bonita’.

We were proud of the way that Elisa and Matteo tried to adapt to this new culture by eating lots of new foods, trying to interact with local children, and using the Spanish words we taught them. We especially got a kick out of Matteo’s ‘glassias’ and ‘for pabor’!

Our golf cart day!! Seeing Punta Sur for the first time was breathtaking. The kids had a blast bumping along in our golf cart, and yelling ‘TOPE!!’ over every speed bump. We enjoyed visiting the turtle farm…but were very depressed by the zoo.

Seeing our kids so content playing in the water and sand was heartwarming.

Observations and some lessons learned:

Our second trip solidified our opinion that the islenos are some of the sweetest people on the earth!

One week is definitely not enough time!

Get a babysitter for more than one evening! What were we thinking??

Traveling with 2 small children is often exhausting and frustrating…but so rewarding when they make you so proud, and have such a wonderful time.

Nautibeach – perfect accommodation for our family. Nice enough room, great service, and wonderful location. I cannot say enough about the staff! They made our family feel very welcome. All of the security guards and the cleaning staff knew our children by name by the end of our first day. They felt like celebrities! We’ll definitely stay there again.

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