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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 17

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/9/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 17 – March 9

“Wind, Wind, Go Away!”

Another great sleep and I am up just as the sun touches the horizon….

I sit on the balcony enjoying the morning peace, writing in my journal….for the last time! It seems that I just didn’t find the time to record our last few days…guess we were just having too much fun to write it down! Or maybe we just got into total Isla rhythm and just being there and enjoying ourselves was more important.

The sun rises higher in the sky, promising another day of sunshine and warmth…

We search out the fresh OJ man a few blocks away….so delicious! Then it’s off to the bakery to pick up some fresh baked goodies for breakfast on the balcony. We enjoy our treats and then it’s off to the beach!

A few surprises when we arrive at Sergio’s…the WIND and BRUCE!! First of all, the wind is absolutely whipping…waves and sand are flying!

Sergio has built a ‘snow fence’ of chairs to keep the sand in place. Who knew that you could build snow fences for sand!

We find all of our amigos sitting far back on the beach away from the sandblasting. And Bruce….what happened amigo???

It seems that Jan and Bruce had a little, well, kind of big, moped incident. Taking the road to Sergio’s, a dog ran out from the empty lot and Bruce veered out of the way and lost control in the loose sand. He broke the fall with his knee. Poor Bruce!! We feel so badly for him and partly responsible as it was us who suggested the moped adventures. Hope your knee is all better now Bruce….better practice before next February!!

Our day passes like so many others….relaxing in the sun, sipping some great drinks made by Roger and taking a dip or two in the sea. Although today, it is tough to get in the water with all the waves and undertow.

The sunset is a little disappointing today…not the spectacular colour that we are so used to….

We just get a glimpse of a red ball of sun as it takes its last dip below the horizon….

After a quick clean up we meet amigos Wanda, Jan and Bruce at the French Bistro. Dinner was great….grilled garlic fish fillets and veggies and nice warm buns. Wanda had chicken cordon bleu and she said it was delicious. Service and drinks were good too…a very refreshing margarita.

We didn’t wander too far after dinner as Bruce’s leg was quite sore. It’s another early night tonight…feels so good to tuck under the sheets knowing that there are still some more relaxing days left…..

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