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2nd Trip to Isla-2 Texans-March 25th

By: Ninnie (View Profile)
Date: 4/3/2007

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday. Made our way down to Cazuela M & J's once more. Got our delicious food and realized it was our 1 year anniversary! Paradise will do that to you--we didn't even know what day it was!

After breakfast we decide to head to Cancun. We have not seen anything of Cancun besides the ferry dock and the airport, so we want to see it this trip. We head to the ferry dock and buy our tickets to Cancun. What I didn't know was the trip will not be on the Ultra Mar large ferry, but a smaller boat!

The boat ride over was a bit bumpy, but I made it. We were not impressed on where the boat dropped us off. If anyone makes this trip, I would suggest taking the Ultra Mar to Gran Puerto and taking a taxi to the hotel zone. We ended up walking quite a ways to get to the main hotel zone. We stopped at a very nice hotel (can't remember the name) and got some beers as we were quite parched! We then made it outside to the main street and walked and looked at all of the nice hotels. We ended up at the Hard Rock for lunch. Of course we had to buy T-shirts! We headed back down the strip and caught a cab back to Gran Puerto. Cancun is cool, but very different from Isla. Much more Americanized!

Once arriving at Gran Puerto, we get in line and start loading onto the ferry. My hubby jokes with the Ultra Mar guys if they will let him drive the boat. They all chuckle and shake their heads no. We got seated up top (of course!) and take off. We were on the water a few short minutes and one of the guys comes out of the captain's quarters and signals to my hubby to come up. He goes in and doesn't come out. By this time, I was wondering what was going on! Just then, the door opens again and they wave for me to come in. What do I see? My hubby driving the ferry! They let him steer it in pretty close to Isla and then they took over. Let me tell you, this made his day! As I mentioned before he loves boats and this was one of the highlights of the trip for him!

Got back to the hotel, rested a bit and went back out for dinner. We decide upon Bally Hoo's (thanks to Laura again!). Bally Hoo's was a very calm setting and the food was spectacular. Hats off to this little restaurant. We loved that it acutally sat out on the water. I got my best sunset shots this night. We were pretty worn out from the Cancun trip so we stop by 7 Eleven and get a crunch bar (I had a big craving for American candy!) and head back to the hotel for a restful night.

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