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Day One of "The great girls get-away"

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 2/26/2008

Denisa, Julie and I have been friends for 25 years + and this had been a trip a long time in the making. Life is busy and there was always “next year” for that “girl get together” FINALLY this was the year!! Julie and I went to Mpls to catch our flight and Denisa flew in from Michigan for her connecting flight in Mpls. Finally the day had arrived and we were on our way.

The flight was uneventful, customs went fast and Best Day was ready and waiting for us to take us to the shuttle. I normally would take the bus, but we had a few extra bags and being it was the girls first time I wanted to get to the port A.S.A.P! The parking lot at the port is all torn up and they are building a ramp? (according to the taxi driver). We made it in time to grab a Sol and board the ferry.

I will have to say I was a little nervous of the girls reaction to isla. It was their first time to Mexico and even thou I love it, not everyone does. Over the years we have brought many people and have had many different reactions…you just never know. We made our way to Ixchel Condos…our new home away from home for the week. We decided to drop our bags and go grab a drink and something to eat….made our way down to Sergios. Miguel was there with cold beers, a warm smile and a table in the sun…what more could you want! The girls take this opportunity to pull out the phones and call home to let everyone know we arrived safely…they each left three kids 12 and under at home and two husbands who have never had to go it alone before. After a few we decided to head over to Jax, upon arriving we run into a few friends and join them for some buckets and dinner. If you like onion soup, this is the place to have it!!! They add seasoned croutons and cheese to it, yum! Head back to the Ixchel and decide to head down to get a few supplies from the supermarket, on the way home stop and buy bakery goods out of the trunk/hatchback of minivan? at the North end of Hildago. The Pineapple pie turns out to be my personal favorite….this is the first of many nights of stopping for dessert. We get back to the room and realize that it is only 7:30PM!! Tired from a day of travel we decide to call it a night and stay in. I have brought a blank journal book along and bring it out so we can all add to it as we wish. The condo owner has a journal book out on the coffee table where guest can write and add their favorites, interesting things and people they meet. We all have a good laugh when we find my and my husbands names in the book!!

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