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30 year anniversary on isla, part 1

By: carl-debbie (View Profile)
Date: 4/21/2005

i remember 30yrs ago debbie's father said i either marry her or go to prison.... i'da been gettin out today!!

off to the airport 3/29/05. first in line means your bags at cancun airport are LAST on the turntable belt. chilly in cleveland. the community ashtray outside the entrance smokes like a potbelly stove(good handwarmer) line thru security is horrendous. only one machine. clerk claims the other broke last nite. the pilots that sponged in front of us (as they should) said it's been down for a week. i hate B.S.
board the plane and get the emergency exit. ahh leg room. but the food tray to the side hits my belly at a 45 degree angle and stays there!! ahve to wait for 17 more on the headcount. they are still trying to get thru security. 25 minutes late, but we're off.
20 minutes into the flight, deb decides to get her diet coke out of the carry on luggage above us. BANG--CRACK
debbie bonks her cheek/eyesocket as she goes to sit down pretty hard. a coupla tears. feeling better, she opens her plastic bottle of diet coke... BLAMB---- the coke sprays to the top of the overhead compartment, splashes the ladies hair in front of us, covers debbie, and is dripping from the compartment onto me and her. tears are flowing now. poor kid. deb also mentions these seats are smaller than usual. i say yea. i didnt tell her she could slide the armreasts from side to side till just before landing:-))
well, our bags are last. but we get green lite. i put on my party sunglasses(size of a loaf of bread from the party store) as you walk the airport gaunlet with these on, the hawks in their booths laugh so hard, they dont try to sell you anything! outside, a cigarette, a cervasa, and do the walk to the bus for $3 for 2. cant beat it. taxi to pj for $4 including tip. $7 for 2 for ferry =$14 for 2 to isla!!
get off ferry, and do the hillbilly shuffel. LUCY, I'M HOOOME. tip our trycycle guy and he takes our stuff to posada. deb heads to the bank to exchange for more peso's, i head to ppe's for our pre arranged golfcart. fueled, i pay with peso's i had, and i go find debbie(sinurita, you want ride i holler) and give her ride to posada. bags to room and off to sergio's. lifes to short to worry about unpacking.

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