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Our second trip to Isla

By: LamarG (View Profile)
Date: 6/25/2006

First off, i would like to say what an awesome feeling it was to step off the ferry and feel like you'd never left the Island. With that said,

We had a great time! Our first 4 nights we stayed at Posada Del Mar. Had a third floor, main building room with a pretty good view of the sea and beach during the day. Hotel was great and Romi was awesome. He went out with us one night, Hidalgo then to Monkey bar, and we all had a wonderful time. We had heard so many good things about him and they were all true, Okie Dokie as he would say. We met a couple there from NY, Jimmy and Cynthia. Hung out with them and went to Faynes. They were a lot of fun.

Our third night on the island was FIESTA DE BRAIN!!! Let me tell you, it was pretty much one big party from the first time we all set foot in Jax that night, which was around 5:30. Went from there to Sergios, then to Hidalgo and danced at Faynes. A couple of people actually sung with the band! Then a few of us went to La Pena, then to Monkey bar. I think we finally got in around 3:30. Nancy, "Pops", Brian, Jana Rae, Kerry Lee, Daniel, Evan, Joey, Debbie, and us. WOW! We had a large group and we really did have a great time. Still cant believe Joey and Debbie made it and found us.

We made a few other friends on the island. Met a couple who i cant remember their names that were staying at the Posada. They gave their grandson a weeks trip to Isla for graduating high school. It was his first time and he was already planning his return. We also made friends with a guy there named Juan Carlos. He was very nice and hung out with us several nights. We actually did the Avalon timeshare presentation to get a 10 dollar 24hour golf cart and bottle of tequila, which was one of his jobs there. He also owned a little shop and had another job...hard worker like they all are. He has only lived there a few months but loves it. He is 25.

We were able to meet Donna there and she hooked us up with a hammock from a local vendor. My wife is so excited! Thanks so much Donna. She works at Aqua Adventure and Bamboos. Had a few drinks at Bamboos a couple of nights. Great spot to hang with live music.

Also met Maggie from La Gloria and talked to her about teaching in Cancun...not sure yet about that but its an idea. She is very friendly and we learned a lot about education and jobs on Isla and Cancun.

Our last 3 nights we stayed at Punta Piedra 1. Awesome place with a beautiful view. It is a 4 unit complex with a pool out back that overlooks the sea. Would definately recommend to anyone who doesnt like to stay in town. Thanks to Maria at Mornings in Mexico for booking that for us.

We have a new favorite restaurant! Picus Cocktileria, or something like that. Great food, great price, great view! Pizza is my wifes favorite food, so we discovered Rolandis this trip...delicious! I think we ate there 3 or 4 times. Also ate at Pinguinos at the Posada...also very good. And Casa O's was pretty good. Had a great view, but wasnt as impressed with it. Didnt make it to Playos Loncheros..well actually we did but they were closed, so we went to Casa O's instead. I think i lost about 10 pounds while i was there! No fat in seafood.

We went to the zoo of course. The monkeys were great to watch and touch...we brought them some fruit which they werent impressed with. The deer is sad as usual but we love the zoo.

We brought sunglasses and recorders (flute a phones) for the kids. Have a few pictures of them which i will try and post somewhere. Havent figured it out yet but my wife knows how. They loved the gifts and the parents didnt seem to mind as we asked them first.

Still cant get over the sunsets. My wife said watching it is like a spiritual experience. She is right.

This trip was our second...first was last year in April for our honeymoon. We fell in love with the island last year and this year was no different. Its a place we leave our hearts and know without a doubt we will be back.

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