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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 22 - THE END!!

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/27/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 22 – March 14

“Adios Isla Mujeres….”

I LOVE my quiet mornings on Isla Mujeres….but this is a sad, sad morning. The LAST morning! I’m up long before dawn and tiptoe out to the balcony to absorb every sense of the day….

I could easily sit here for the next hour just watching the slow steady rise of the sun, but there is no time to linger. The suitcases are calling. I spend some time struggling to fit everything in, taking time to enjoy the view…

Time for breakfast! We find Pedro hard at work and he quickly brings us our ‘usuals’.

He also has a gift for me….I brought several bags of beads from home for Pedro’s wife, Norma. Of course, I intended for her to use the beads to make more beautiful jewelry to sell, but instead, she has made a choker and bracelets for me! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Once again, the kindness and generosity of the Isla people brings me close to tears. I promise Pedro that I will bring a ton of beads along next time for Norma’s handiwork. If anyone is looking for some very special beaded bracelets or necklaces, please stop by M & J’s or visit Norma at her roadside stand on the east side of the island.

As soon as we finish our meal, I take a moment to walk out to the malecon area….looking at the Roca Mar, I can only think of Ino, standing on the roof of the building in order to talk on his cell phone shortly after Wilma!

It will take some hard work to restore this to its former beauty but they are working on it!…

Back to our room where we make our way to the balcony…memorizing the view until next time. The suitcases are hauled downstairs and then comes the hard part. Saying goodbye to Ino. We bring him the empty Sol bottle now filled with fresh water and 2 red roses. He may not be a flowers kind of guy, but how else can we even begin to show our admiration for this man who has become such a dear friend. He tells us that he won’t be here when we come next year…I don’t want to believe him! I can’t begin to imagine the Roca Mar without Ino. There are no words….just tears along with a hug…. Be well and happy Ino!

The trike fellow is way ahead of us as we drag ourselves to the ferry, stopping many times to look back at our ‘home’. I purchase one way tickets and onto the ferry we go. Those 3 weeks just went by too fast! We go up the stairs to enjoy the view…

Too soon the engines roar to life and we are on our way….

The colours of the water are as amazing as always…

Adios Isla Mujeres…..

Once we’re in the air, the sadness of leaving is softened by a special treat….a final perfect view…

I can practically see my favourite spot on Playa Norte!!

We also see Isla Contoy….a reminder of the wonderful day we spent there…

As we rise above the clouds and the islands fade from view, we sit back, hold hands and remember the amazing time that we have shared, with each other, with friends and with the people of Isla Mujeres…....every moment was a gift for which we are forever grateful…..

THE END!!!!!

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