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By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 1/23/2011

I woke up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise again.I let Deb sleep in. After my coffee was finished I got Deb up. We ate granola bars and oj for breakfast. We went into town on our way to rent a golf cart for the day. Since it appeared that it was going to be a cooler day than yesterday, and more wind and clouds. Yesterday it was sunny and 81 degrees. Today turned out to be 75.

While we were walking into town on Hildago, we met Omar, who had a stand where he rented trips from. Omar told us he could get us a golf cart cheaper than we could get on our own. We took his word for it, and rented a cart for 24 hours for 640 pesos. Later finding out through the board after we got home that people were renting carts for 600 pesos.(oh well!)

We picked up the golf cart at 9:00am when they opened. We then headed out of town the opposite way, oceanside, to try to find Jimbos Casa Roca Caribe. The first time, we must have missed it, thinking it was on the main road. After getting to the Punta Sur point, we realized we must turn around and try again. Deb saw a side road in Colonia, just off the road , and we tried it. As soon as we made the left turn onto the street and went like a couple of houses, there it was. Jimbos is easy to find. We found it, and he didnt even give us directions! We stopped out front of Jimbos, and parked.

Now me being shy, as Im sure you all have noticed by now, decided to stand in the street, Pacifico in hand and yell (hey Jimbo), and after the third call, a woman leaned over the upstairs railing, and told us Jimbo wasnt here. We introduced ourselves, and she let us up to see the place right away. ( Again this is Isla and everyone is so gracious!) She showed us the upstairs condo. It is just like you see on the board. She was staying there with her children. Her daughter has lived on the island for 2 years now. Very friendly people. They did not have to let us up, or talk to us at all, but they chose to. This would never happen in York,Pa. where we are from.

Next Deb and I went to the turtle farm. We usually stop here every year, as Deb collects turtles. There is a gift shop there, and as I walked in first, and saw all the turtle things to buy, I turned to Deb, and told her, you are not allowed to come in here! Yeah, thats just what I need in our house, More turtle stuff!!!

After seeing the farm, we headed to one of our favorite lunch stops, Playa Loncheros. We got an order of nachos and pacificos. We then headed out to Punta Sur to see the breathtaking views.

Heading back towards town, we stopped along the seaside to gather up some shells. We discovered a dead body washed up along the rocks, and just figured it was someone who got to close to the edge at Punta Sur, or he owed somebody money he couldnt pay back. Nice shoes though!(just kidding)arent you ashamed of yourself for reading this stupid entry!

Back to reality, we stopped and bought a shell along the way from one of the locals, then headed back to buy some more pacifico,iced tea,and coke, and then try to exchange some more money.

We went back and took showers. Watched the sunset,and then headed out of town, on our over priced golf cart. While driving out of town, obeying all present and future traffic laws, Deb yells,(hey theres the soggy peso). So I pull a youuuuie (you know)! and park without hitting hardly anything. There was a moped behind us who yelled something in spanish, and it didnt sound like sport neither!

A lot of people were smoking in the bar area, so we didnt sit there. The owner said honey there are seats over here. I explained that I have asthma and cant be near cigarette smoke. He said, oh I see and said ok. We drank our drinks and left. What a shame because the place looked nice and the special was ribs, it was sunday after all!

We then headed to our favorite place to eat supper Chuuk Kay. Tonight they had a band and lots of people were dancing. What fun! We ordered a whole fried fish with onions on top and served with tomatoes and cucumbers and some rice. This was excellent. Deb ordered shrimp with fettucini. When it came out, it looked great, but it had spice and Deb is a wuss, she told me I could type that. She doesnt even use black pepper on her food. She tried to eat it thinking that my fork had hot sauce on it from my habanaro sauce,when I tried one of her shrimp. The waiter was wonderful and explained that the dish comes spiced like this. She told him it is delish but she cannot eat it. He said they will make something else for her. She ended up ordering fish tacos. You cant go wrong with fish tacos on Isla. This restaurant treats their customers right!

A great time was had a this restaurant with 2x1 drinks, our bill came to 600 pesos,including tip. We left there to go to the stump bar to meet up with a friend from the board. However, They didnt make it there in time. The people at the bar also were mostly smokers,and we did not enjoy that bar for that reason. I guess we are becoming non bar people because of smoke!!! This surprised us because the all-Inclusives in Cancun were nonsmoking except for the beach bars. We went back to pack, as we were leaving early in the morning.

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