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Isla Memories (Day 1 & 2)

By: mariposa (View Profile)
Date: 5/19/2005

Trip Report

5/5/05 – Traveled from Denver via Frontier to Cancun without incident or delays. Matter of fact, the flight departed a few minutes early and arrived 15 minutes early in Cancun. Upon arrival I'm so sad cause it is raining. My first trip in a number of years that I have encountered poor weather.

Get through immigration and customs in less than 15 minutes and outside find AGI hasn't arrived --- guess they don't know that my flight is early. No worries, I make my way off to the side amidst all the taxi and transportation hawkers and gladly wait. In a matter of minutes AGI arrives and apologizes profusely for making me wait. I eagerly anticipate my arrival in Isla. As we make our way closer to the Grand Puerto, the rain starts to clear and I make it in time for the 4 p.m. Ferry. I'm meeting friends, who had arrived earlier in the day, but they anticipate I'll arrive between 5 and 5:15 – I'm excited cause now I can surprise them at NaBalam's snack bar.

Grab a taxi ($2.00) and off to NaBalam. I'm so excited to be back “home” again, breathing in the sights and sounds of Isla. Quick check in and drop bags off in the room and go to the snack bar. Ventura tells me my friends were here, but left about 30 minutes. Darn, I must have missed them on my way in. Oh well, grab another cab and back to the ferry dock, only to find them just sitting down with a cervesa in anticipation of my arrival – sneak up on them “Hey, where is my beer?” Hugs all around and the vacation begins.

We venture back to the hotel to get settled and spend some time catching up. While enjoying cocktails, we find that there will be a wedding on the beach that has been set up. We watch all the guests linger around the bar and at 6:30 the ceremony begins. The wedding was so beautifully set up with flowers and white covered chairs on the beach. How romantic. Unfortunately, we find ourselves meeting new people at the bar who are celebrating a 50th birthday (Jack & Alison – we had fun you guys) and one of the wedding guests asks us all if we could be quiet for about 10 minutes. If you knew our group, you'd realize that that is a hard task for all of us to achieve, but we happily do.

With the wedding over and cocktails consumed we now need to decide where to eat??? Well, tradition has been Amigos, so off we go. We greet old friends on our trek and eagerly await our first Isla dinner. While the food remains good at Amigos, we're surprised with the price increases from last year. One cocktail, 2 waters, 3 fillets and the bill was close to $50 US. Not that the price is outrageous, but our typical dinner last year was close to $7 US per person, now it is almost double that!. Oh, well, Picus and Mininos, here we come!

Ramble through the streets of Isla checking out the new and the old. Not wanting this vacation to go too quickly. Continue on to Chili Locos to find Jorge and deliver some CDS that I brought for him, only to find that he is on holiday in Germany! That's two years in a row that I've missed him! I do get a chance to meet Donna and chat with her and let her know that I've heard wonderful things about her and Ziggy's lease with Chili Locos. Promise to come in for breakfast the next day. Back to NaBalam for evening cocktails and off to dream land.

5/6/05 – Surprisingly, I don't stir until 8 a.m. Make coffee (brought a 4 cupper and coffee with me) and enjoy my first lazy day on the patio watching the day's bustle begin. My friends are soon up and we're off to Chili Locos for breakfast. Excellent! I'm in love with Donna's homemade marmalade and find it is a combination of pineapple, mango and banana. I could eat the whole bowl! Yummy. After a lingering breakfast and conversation with Donna we're off to the Playa.

Back at NaBalam, David who manages the beach front, has us all set up for a day of relaxation. We talk with some of our favorite beach vendors – Charlie, Arnold – but find our favorite Mariano is on vacation and we've missed him this year. I had brought him some beads from the States for the necklaces and bracelets he sells, so I gave them to his brother Charlie, along with t-shirts. Linger throughout the day, having cervesas and nachos and a special treat from Roger, one of the cooks in the Zazil Ha Snack Bar – salsa verde. He knows how much we love it and makes it especially for us! Oh they treat us so well.

The day lingers some more and now thoughts of dinner rumble in our tummies. Picus, we're on our way and we're not disappointed. Garlic Shrimp, Garlic Grouper and their Pescado Soup sits in front of us on the table. Yummy,Yummy, Yummy – I am feeling love in my tummy. More conversation and a few more cocktails and back to NaBalam for the evening. Day two down, 7 more to go.

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