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Ang and Dale's trip, Day TWO!

By: Angndale (View Profile)
Date: 10/4/2005

Ang and Dale’s Trip Report
Day 2, September 2005

We woke up around 8:30! My friends will all tell you that’s just not normal! I sleep in till 11:00 or so every day. Must be the island way of life getting to me. I pulled aside the curtain to see the beautiful ocean and the car ferry making it’s way between Isla and Cancun.
After dragging Dale out of bed, we walked down to the bank to change out dollars for Peso’s. An everyday thing for us. The bank is under construction right now, but still open. Then we went to the town square and got breakfast at the Super Mercado. Jana (moongrl) had told me the secret to getting pastries there (use the silver platters!), and they were delicious!. We sat down in the plaza area and started eating. Then a couple of pigeons landed in front of us and we tossed them a couple of crumbs from our muffins.....then there were 50!! It was like a Hitchcock movie. We made a game out of throwing crumbs. We would throw the crumbs all to one side, then we’d throw them all to the other side and watch the birds take off trying to beat each other to them. Ok, it’s not exactly “football”, but it was fun!! Back and forth, back and forth.....
Then we went shopping! I would just like to say that the shop keepers are a little bit more agressive this year than in past years. They wont take no for an answer. But, we did make a few purchases.
We headed back to the castle to unload our goodies, and when we had almost made it to the hotel, a man from “Ciro’s” drove up to us on a cool little yellow moped and offered it to us for $25.00 for 24 hours! Couldnt pass that deal up. Dale pulled up on it a few minutes later with two shiny helmets. That was the other new thing this year. Seems they passed a helmet law and everyone wears a helmet of some kind. Now, this is obviously open to interpretation because we saw people wearing everything from bike helmets to cheap plastic kids fireman hats! You know the ones that come with your halloween costume.
We decided to head to the South part of the Island and explore on our cool new moped! We got our helmets on, and were ready to go, but Dale couldnt get the scooter to start. He tried everything! He messed with it for a good 15 minutes. Now this is funny if you know Dale because he’s a big Harley rider kind of guy. Spent his life on motorcycles and ATV’s, farm equipment, etc... but he couldnt get that damn moped to start!! So after keeping my mouth shut for 15 minutes, I asked...Did you try starting it while you were holding the brake? Ooooh! Score a point for me!! It started right up.
Our first stop was Pirate Mundaca’s Zoo, Hacienda, whatever. We stopped and slathered on a ton of mosquito spray. We remembered the death cloud of skeeters from last years attempted tour. The place was deserted, the goose was dead in it’s cage, and the alligators stink, but the monkeys were so sweet!! This one just sat there and held my hand! I wanted to take him home. His hand was so soft.
Well, after that we went to the Turtle Farm. It was actually up and running this time. It was closed this same time last year. There weren’t any big turtles this time, and not so many babies, but they were SOOO CUTE!! Wait till you see my pictures!!
Time for lunch, and Jana had told me that the food at Playa Lanchero’s was awesome, and that the mojitos were to die for. Well, the mojito stand was closed, but the tic and xic was open and it was very good, but, the margarita’s ROCKED!! I had 2 and I was drunk. It was kind of fun till I had to get back on the moped. Then we headed to Punta Sur and there were a bunch of vendors in the lower parking area. I don’t remember a lot, two great margaritas will do that to me, but I remember thinking I could speak and understand spanish fluently!! I think I sat down with them and started speaking gibberish. I think I bought some things too. Dale wasnt much help here.
Ok, I sobered up a little but Dale wouldnt take me to get more Margaritas. So we headed off to hunt for shells south of Punta Piedra, then back to the castle for a nap. A long nap.
After we woke up, we dressed for dinner and headed back down to Casa O’s. We watched the sunset and it was beautiful. Someone nearby was burning something that smelled amazingly like Marijuana. We had smelled that smell on the south part of the island before....
I had the Shrimp KeBab and Dale had the Filet of Fish with Garlic. The pina coladas were not that great, so I only had one. Sunset Grill still wins for the best Pina Colada.
We drove back to town and went to the “Diga Me”. That was pretty cool. Called home and checked in on everyone then we went to Buho’s for some late nite Coconut Ice Cream and Cerveza’s. Ok, sounds sick, but it’s really good. Someday you should try beer and Hostess Chocolate Cup Cakes!!
We then headed back to the bar and pool at the Posada. No naked men in the pool tonite. But, they had a juke box and we played some songs and danced. Dale lit up his cigar and we chilled out then crawled up the 4 flights of stairs to the castle and went to bed.

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