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First trip to Isla: nov 2 -9, 2008

By: npcollins (View Profile)
Date: 12/3/2008

My husband and I were suppose to visit Isla in April 2008 for our 10th anniversary; however, the trip got postponed due to a new work project my husband started. No worries..we will go after Thanksgiving! Well, as life goes, his project was delayed due to numerous factors and not to lose our airfare credit he suggested I take my sister. She had no problem going on a free vacation! I also asked two of my best friends to tag along to make it a fun gals trip. Originally, we had booked a one bedroom condo at Ixchel which we still had access to and were lucky enough to just add on the adjoining two double bed room for my gal pals. Well, November 2nd arrived quickly and we were off on our adventure...plains, trains and automobiles is what the journey felt like but it was more like planes, taxi and ferry! Our trip went smoothly except for the exceptionally long and slow line at the Cancun airport where everyone must wait in line to press the button for the red or green light. A good 45-50 minutes later we found our cancun taxi I had reserved and we made it ontime to take the 1:30pm ferry. Once in Isla, we decided to just take another taxi to Ixchel because we had so much luggage and were very hot and tired at this point. What can I say about our accomodations! Chris and Diane Buckingham whose unit we rented did a great job at decorating and providing everything to make us feel at home. We quickly changed and headed out for our first cerveza and meal in Isla. First stop, was just a quick walk down the soft sandy beach to Sunset Grill. This place quickly became one of our favorite spots to hang out. The staff were so welcoming and fun. We had several rounds of SOL along with guac/chips and nachos. The guac was some of the very best I have ever tried. After we watched the most amazing sunset and were serenaded by some strolling mariachis, we move up under the palapa (it was getting a bit windy) and proceeded to order dinner along with wine...the whole nine yards. After feasting and drinking for hours we finally decided to head back to our condo and hang out on the balcony to enjoy the beatiful moonlight and ocean breezes. We bought some Coke Light and a bottle of wine to bring back too. Before the check came we figured that with all we had consumed the amount should be somewhere around $300 but to our surprise it was only about $150!! November 3rd was our first full day in paradise and we were all up at 8:30am and sitting poolside by 9:00am. Weather was mid 80s with a great breeze. We spent our first day sitting at the pool or floating in the crystal clear ocean water. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at our pool bar along with some delicious fresh pina coladas. Later that afternoon, we took a stroll into town to the local supermarket to stock up on a few, wine, avocados (to make more guac) and other munchies to keep us happy for the week. In our unit, the owners provided a giant water cooler in the kitchen and second bedroom which we used everyday. That evening we dined at Don Chepos which was very good. We all seemed to choose seafood for most of our meals which always was a good choice. After dinner we strolled down Hidalgo and made our way to Faynes. We grabbed a table off the street and before we knew it we had sombreros on our heads from the wait staff...yes I know we looked like typical tourist but we were having fun. Needless, to say that was not our last visit to Faynes and Alejandro became our favorite waiter and buddy for the week. Our first day in paradise came to end with us hanging on the balcony again. Our week pretty much went the same way each day lazing by the pool and beach with great lunches and dinners. Oh on Tuesday evening, we watched with great anticipation as Barack Obama became the 44th president. And since we are all from Chicago, we watched with envy as people gathered in Grant Park to celebrate. At least we have a great story of where we were when he was elected! We did rent a golf cart one afternoon to tour the island. We stopped at Casa Os to check out the menu and beautiful views. Ended up staying for a drink and cerviche which was fabulous. We made dinner reservations for the next evening to watch the sunset. However, the next day rained ALL DAY and with no sunset to watch we cancelled our reservations...oh well, next time. On our tour we also stopped at the turtle farm which was great. We got to hold baby turtles that were only one day old. That evening we decided to have a quick, casual meal at Sunset Grill....well we ended up spending hours there again...too much fun. While there we asked to have a special dinner prepared for our last evening in paradise along with massages on the beach on our last afternoon. There is nothing quite like being pampered on the beach while listening to the waves crashing behind you! Arturo, the chef at Sunset Grill, and Tony our favorite waiter made our last night so special. Arturo grilled lobster tail, octupus and made our favorite shrimp casserole while we sipped champagne. It was heaven!! I talked to my husband everyday and he was so happy that we were enjoying ourselved and he cant wait to go which means another visit for me too...sooner than later. Isla Mujeres is my idea of paradise because it is a small, laid back island with great people who are so accomodating and friendly. I hope to become an Islaholic!!

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