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Continuing Adventures Of B and T(Eloping)

By: BandT (View Profile)
Date: 10/9/2007

OK sorry been off here too long. Working for our wedding reception stateside has me going in 4 different directions. Ok back to the Media Luna! Ok the room and view were and are breathtaking! And we had the whole hotel to our self. So after checking in getting settled we ventured back into town going to look for locations for susnet locations that night for the Ceremony! We stopped for lunch at our friends favorite lunch stop AMIGOS!! Amigos was the best open are cafe on Hildalgo. We recommend what they Call The Swiss Chicken Enchilladas! with a side of french fries ?!? yes fries. Some odd reason the way fries are made down there makes them amazing.
We venture around and then drop our friend back of at their house on the south side of the island sight seeing along the way. After planning on meeting a few hours later to do the sunset ceremony and photo shot we take off to cruise down to Garroffon and just see the area. Now the Rain kicks in. you think Dean came back to just torment my Bridezilla! We make it back to the hotel the rain is kicking in hard core , monsoon like! Hoping itll pass over our friends arrive to talk about our night plans. The rain is still pounding so we change the plan and decide to shoot for the morning sunrise(as T looks at me an says you know what time sunrise is?) (yeah we aren't exactly morning people. lol...So our friends head home we crash listen to the rain in our hammock . Then decide to get ready to goto dinner and relax tonight on Hildalgo at a few Bars, Now here is the kicker as I am ready to leave T is getting cleaned up the clouds stop raining and the sun comes out 30 minutes before Sunset! I am like Ahhhh we could have still done it. but all never mind it was a great sunset anyway. That night we went to eat at the Brazilan steak house Hosted By EVER! It hasnt gotten many good reviews in the past but I think it got its stuff in order . The climate was clean the decore was nice. over sized throw pillows the stone work underneath wasnt very comfortable, but Ever , he was amazing! great service the food was just out of this world the steak was like butter soft , the bacon wrapped lobster medallions were full of flavor and fresh! Great Mojitos ! got a little buzzy there off the Drinks and Ever's Especial Tequillia/ Honey mix!
We continued on to the UM bar , You want a bar that is uniquie and has a different atmosphere and nice house dance music. goto UM. Its shaped like a HUGE tree house..I can say it was very tricky going up and down those stairs a little intoxicated! but the upstairs is worht the trip. leaf shapped hidden lounge areas. Stay away from their tequillia.ick! but the other drinks are good and not to bad. We drank our way up to Rommie's at Posada! Quiet possibly cause of the Dean two days prior but The Swing bar is fun place and Rommie as about his grand babie he'v very proud! and if you dare try the Mayan sacrafice, T talked me into it. She had no idea what it was. and when she asked Rommie just Grinned his gold tooth grin and chuckled, Mayan Sacrafice? Si we said... and it was on! Next thing we know Rommie takes off an comes back with a vine wreath head piece to put on T's head .. then he gets Two 16 inch straws and LIGHTS! yes Lights the shot glasses on FIRE!!!EN FUEGO!!!He says rapido. Drink thru the straw. while its LIT! T tries and loses half it on the floor still on fire.! I do mine like a Champ suck it down and like WOW ! thats awesome! All I can say is if you like Yeagermyster! You would like this! OK the night contines on with a few more bar stops one That is almost famous on here , had some bad drinks the place was nice atmosphere good and the service friendly but What i paid for two drinks there , they were horrible . We venture back to cocunuts they had some techno music going kinda loud but it was nice. Ok after all this we were pretty lit and still had to get up in the morning for a SUNRISE CEREMONY> lol ..ok ya see ya hope fully sooner with the Isla elopement!

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