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A Small Town Girl (and it shows)

By: viennaz22 (View Profile)
Date: 3/27/2007

On Jan. 29 I left my small house and headed for the Castlegar airport. We dropped off our luggage(we meaning Shawn, Dayna, Gramma, Auntie K.C. and I)and then we had to go through security. I watched as people went through the little door thing and sometimes it would beep and the guy had to search her with a flat thing-a-ma-bob that terrified me. So when it was my turn I ran through like a pack of mean monkeys were chasing me. Then we got on the plane. I was so excited I started doing a little dance in my seat and grabbing Dayna's hand so hard I could praticly feel her bones crack before we even took off. The flight was really cool there were lots of clouds and it was so sunny all the time! We landed in Calgary! The airport was huge! It was like a mall! It was bigger than Castlegar! It was facinating! I explored a bit and there was a huge hotel in the airport(thats where we stayed) about a thousand Tim Hortens and anything you could name. But my favorite part of the whole airport...was the escalaters! I loved them! When I rode them I got all excited and started kind of to bounce and people would stare at me like I was a lunatic. That just prooves how much of a small town girl I am.

The End

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