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Carlo & Stacey's First Isla Trip - Day 1

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 4/28/2006

Thanks to all of you on this board, Carlo and I fell in love with Isla before ever laying eyes on it! We were not disappointed when we finally arrived...but I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.

4/13 - Drop the kids off at my parents' house. Stress level is already dropping!! Whoo hoo - 5 whole kid-free days! (I know, it sounds mean, but I am a stay-at-home mom, and really needed some time away!) Take care of some last minute shopping, and a pedicure, then were off to spend the night near the Philly airport. I am unable to sleep because I'm afraid we will sleep through the alarm. Geez, I need to chill out!

4/14 - We're up and dressed before the sunrises...and off to the airport. We are jumping out of our skin with excitement. We take off from PHL just a few minutes behind schedule, but we are off, and on our way to a fabulous adventure!!

We arrive in plenty of time for our connection in Charlotte, which is also running just a little bit behind schedule. We board the plane, and I discover that I am stuck next to the man who was so obnoxious in the terminal!!

Carlo and I chuckle about our luck during flights - we always seem to get stuck next to 'vegetable lasagna' (Seinfeld reference - from now on 'VL'). VL talks non-stop at a volume even the hard of hearing would consider ear-splitting (BTW- VL was not hard of hearing, so that was not the reason for the volume)! My attempts to thwart his chattiness fail miserably --no i-pod, book or fake sleep would stop him! I wish the plane had some rockets attached so that we would just land already!!

Finally we land in Cancun! We can't contain our joy! The lines are long to get through immigration, but move pretty quickly...but we're still right next to VL and his poor travel companion. Hurray, they've opened more lanes, and we are free of VL! Well, not entirely...we can still hear him from 5 lanes over. Fellow passengers in front of us learn that VL was seated next to me and offer their condolences! We have a good chuckle!

Pass through immigration quickly, and off to claim our bags...which were already waiting for us near the bathrooms. (Thankfully someone posted about that on the board; otherwise we would have wasted precious time waiting for them to come out on the carousel!!)

Off to the light - GREEN! Yippee!! We immediately find the man holding our Cancun Valet sign...we load up, and off we go to the ferry! Our CV driver is fantastic...he shares lots of interesting stories with us, tries to teach us some manyan phrases, and even takes us on a little detour to see some of the colonias in Cancun.

We see the tower in the distance! Only a short ferry ride and we'll be there!!

Darn, the ferry is full...but that gives us time for our first Mexican refreshments!! 2 for 1 beers for Carlo, and a pina colada for me! Yummy! The skies are cloudy, but it is warm, and looks like it could clear up. Who cares if it’s cloudy? We’re finally here!

We’re soon on the ferry, and off we go! We are amazed by the beautiful turquoise hues of the water! We are going to love this!!

We arrive at the dock, and are giddy with excitement! We decide to find a place to eat in town, as we’ve had nothing to eat since last night. Luggage in tow, we start off in search of a snack. We run into Donna at Aqua Adventures and say a quick ‘hola’. Then we agree on Sancochos! What an excellent introduction to Isla food! We share the guac and chips, and an order of fish tacos. Delicious!

Only on Isla for 30 minutes, and we know that we have made the right vacation choice! This is just what we wanted!

We catch a taxi to Villa las Brisas (VLB – not to be confused with VL! Hee hee). We are taking in all the incredible scenery! What a gem. We arrive in no time at VLB! It’s just as beautiful as the website photos! What a cool place! Curtis and Ashley offer us a warm welcome, along with two of the best pina coladas we’ve ever tasted! Our room is adorable – we’ll be very happy here! We take a tour of VLB and the beach area with their official tourdog, Bella. After unpacking our stuff, we’re off to Playa Norte to catch the sunset. We made it just in time! A little overcast, but beautiful! We are truly in paradise!

We decide to explore town and begin to get our bearings. We recognize the names of lots of places mentioned here on the board. There is way too much stuff to do in 3 ˝ days! It’s decided, we must return – and soon!

Ahh, there’s Captain Tony’s house…and he’s going to Isla Contoy tomorrow! Whoo-hoo! We chat with Captain Tony, and agree to meet him bright and early the next morning! That was easy!

I’m craving some coconut shrimp, so we opt for dinner at Chiles Locos. Jorge is a blast! Yummy, Mango Margeritas! The coconut shrimp are awesome – big, sweet and crispy! Oh, and that mango sauce! What a combo - I haven’t stopped thinking about it! Carlo’s fish is also terrific. Jorge won extra bonus points when he brings Carlo a big basket of bread and says – I know Italians love bread with their food! He was right!

We wander around town a bit more, and buy a dress for our daughter. We’re glad they’re not here with us, but the kids are still on our minds!

We’ve had a long day, so we head back to VLB. What a gorgeous moon! And, look how it shines on the sea! Total relaxation has set in! We explore the beach area a bit in the moonlight. We definitely chose the right place to stay!

Read a little, talk about our day and lights out! We have a big day ahead of us with Captain Tony! Nite nite!

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