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Day 4 & 5 Still in Paradise

By: Sawdust (View Profile)
Date: 3/1/2007

We were to get our free breakfast this morning and I was able to get all 4 of us included for the prsentation. The breakfast was as usual unbelievable. So good and plenty to choose from. After driving the Time share guy nuts we left with our slip for a free Golf cart for the next day. We made a few trips up and down Hidalgo Street to eat and have some time with Angel and just enjoying the shops. Also watched the construction going on at the Caribbean side and also at the Navy Base. They sure have done lots of work there. Had a nice day but a restfull one. Next morning ...Wed. We pick up the Golf cart at Gomars at 9:00 AM and we are off to see allthe sights.We take a trip along the lagoon and the turn and go to the turtle farm. Last time I was there there were only a couple of turtles to be seen. This time WOW what a change. Many tanks of turtles and also lots to see and enjoy in the buildings. Really enjoyed the stop off this time around. Next we headed up towards Garrafon. We stop at the entrance center but really didn't feel like spending $50.00 a head to just eat and drink. None of us were in a swiming mode so figured we would just travel on up to the South end. But as luck would have it....And no AAA around the Golf cart is dead. Roni had a cell phone and I had the reciept from Gomar with the phone # on it. We called him and in 20 minutes they send out a guy on a scooter. Even I know he can't give us a push or tow us and for sure we are not going to all fit on his scooter. He lift up the seat and pushed and pulled on some wires and closed it and says it won't start..... That was what we told him over the phone 20 Minutes ago. He says take a cab and Gomars will pay for the cab and they will give us a new Golf Cart. We must have been living right,as the scooter pulled out along comes a cab. 15 minutes later we were back at Gomars and got a differant Golf Cart. This one seems to have a lot more power and speed like an Indy car. We drive around in the colonies for a while and stop at a shop or two. Then we head to the Coast and take that road behind 4 other Golf Carts. We are tooling along and Bill is driving. I said put the peddle to the medal And we pull around and pass the first,second,third and fourth and we smile as we fly by them. Thinking we really got a good one this time....Just then we start up a hill and A skinny old lady on a bycycle passes us like we were parked. Sure puts you in your place in a hurry.
We get up to the end and stop for few cervesa's and to strech our legs after being cooped up in that Indy Car for about an hour. Watched the Iguana's sunning them selves and the beutiful view of the coastline. On the way back we stop at Playa Lancheros for lunch. The fish was fabulouse.
I had my Map Chick Map with me but it got left in the dead golf cart and some one took it. As it was still sitting where we left it. But thats OK cause I am going to get a new up dated one for next year anyway. I had so much tape on it to keep it together anyway. Bill needed more bottled water again so I suggest that we get it now while we still have the Indy Car to haul it so my arms won't keep getting longer carring it.So we all ride back to Avalon for some more free drinks and Kay and I decided to take the Indy Car back ourselves so They would not have to walk all that way again.After we returned it and are on the way back to Avalon,on the corner in front of Convention Center Some poor guy is stalled in his Golf Cart. I tried pushing him and lifted up the seat and checked the fuel and battery conections. Then as I was told earlier that day I told him it's dead. This one was not from Gomars as ours was. So there may be an epidemic spreading all over the island killing Golf Carts.
Had some Pizza that was so good at Buckeneres across from Rollandies. Another great day has come to an end. But we enjoyed it all so much. The next day we are supposed to go to .....(Forgive me Father I have sined) Cancun. But my brother-in-law knows a lady that lives there and she wants him to come meet her family in her home. Kay and I would rather not goto Cancun, but we agree that it would be impolite to not accept her invitation. So we will meet her at the dock at 10 AM on Thursday. More to come soon. Forgive the spelling....wife was not around to correct my mistakes.

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