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One Old Fat Guy Returns.... Day 4

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 12/21/2006

Day 4 Monday, October 30

Dolphin Day and my Birthday!

This one comes with a Parental Warning…. Those of you
that are disgusted by this practice should probably just wait for Day 5 and please… spare me the hate mail! LOL

For everyone else, this is the day we’ve all been waiting for! My three girls have wanted to swim with dolphins ever since they were little. Closest we ever got was watching Flipper reruns and a trip to Sea World one year to see
the dolphin show!

When the three of them said they wanted to go with me to Isla, I knew this was the opportunity… I didn’t care what it was going to cost… my three girls were going to swim with the dolphins on my birthday!

We scouted the place out when we had the golf cart on Saturday. They told us noon on Monday would be a good time to come back, so that’s what we did. I was really impressed with the place. I was expecting a dolphin version of the turtle farm, but it’s a really nice facility.

They even had a couple of sloth’s they would take out and bring around and let you pet. They were too cool.

I signed the girls up for the Royal Swim. It’s the best program they offer.

You go in small groups of 8 or less and get to swim with two dolphins. Ours were Rachael and Danielle, and one of them was pregnant!

You do a handshake, kiss, the tow and foot push. Plus they have “play time” where you and dolphins sing songs together and get into a splash fight!

First they have you watch an orientation video, and then it’s time to get in the water!

I watched with tears rolling down my cheeks as I could see they were havingthe time of their lives! This was the greatest birthday present ever!!!

Each group gets assigned their own photographer and video person, then of course, you have the option of buying them afterwards.

The DVD was awesome and well worth the $50! We also bought the handshake & kissing pictures, and then I took a bunch while I was watching.

These are just a couple….

After that we headed back to town and had lunch at Chili Locos. Kept hearing about this house specialty that is a chili pepper stuffed with shrimp and a
cheese sauce…. I NEEDED to try one of those!

WOW, that was awesome!! Definitely will be back for another on the next trip!!

After that, we dropped some books off for Donna that Kip sent her and decided to try a Mojito at San Cocho’s

They were quite tasty. I decided the next trip with the other old fat guy we are going to have to take a day and do a mojito tasting at all the bars and restaurants on Isla…. Well, maybe not ALL of them! But we’ll give it our
best Old Fat Guy try!!

We shopped a little and then headed back to the rooms to shower and get ready to head out for the evening.

I decided my birthday dinner was going to be Baseball Tacos…

BUT… first we had to stop at Miquel’s. I told him it was my birthday and we needed to start with a round of pomegranate tequila. Did that, then here comes round 2 on him! Then we ordered 4 Sol.
Next he comes out with a round of Mayan Sacrifices!
Have no clue what is in these things but they are on fricking fire and he hands you this long straw to drink it through while it’s still burning!

Time for another round of Sol’s to wash that thing down! OH NO, here he comes again…..
a round of Chocolate tequila shots!!

We gotta get out of here!!

We grab a cab to Baseball Tacos ($23MP) and pig out! They started serving beer now so I didn’t have to walk down to the little store on the corner. We had 4 Sol’s and a total of 12 tacos plus all the sides and the grand total was $193MP!

I LOVE this place!

But my one daughter wasn’t too thrilled about using the bathrooms there….. LOL

Our bellies FULL, it was time to head back to town and hit a few bars before calling it a night. So we went to Faynes, where my oldest daughters “boyfriend”
Mike worked.

She obviously told him it was my birthday and that we would be stopping by… he sat us down and immediately showed up with a round of tequila shots on the
house. Then he comes out with a huge bouquet of balloons! He’s not done yet….

He brings out a birthday cake with candles and has the entertainer playing theguitar sing Happy Birthday! It was great and the cake was probably THE best
cake I have ever had.

Between seeing my girls swim with the dolphins, the birthday party with crazy Miquel, baseball tacos for dinner and now this at Faynes, this has been one of
THE best birthdays I’ve ever had! I think I need to do this again next year, and the year after, and the year after that, and….

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