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Family Vacation Day 4

By: AmyMN (View Profile)
Date: 3/12/2008

Day 4
February 26th

We woke up to another beautiful morning, packed our beach bags and started our caravan to town. We had to return our golf cart and scooter today, and were planning on renting another golf cart later in the afternoon for the remaining 3 days of our trip. We planned to eat breakfast at Giltri, based on the recommendation in the Mapchick map. They donít have a breakfast menu there, but the woman cooking said we could have omelets. Half of the group had ham and cheese omelets, the rest of us had chilaquiles. It was fun to sit right out by the fishing boats.
mexico pics 047
The men of the group decided to go out fishing with a man from the dock.
mexico pics 048They were out for over 4 hours, and ended up catching 3 barracudas.
mexico pics 056
mexico pics 057
mexico pics 058
mexico pics 059
They left the fish with the captain, and met us at the beach. Mom, Lindsay, Ross and I spent the whole day relaxing at Caribbean Queen again. We didnít see Maria the whole trip, but we did buy nuts to snack on from the other nut guy. I love the Japanese style peanuts! After reuniting with the men, we walked back into town to find golf carts. Lindsay and Chris were heading to Playa del Carmen the next day, so they just needed a cart overnight. We were planning on renting a cart for the next 3 days. I had seen some 6 person carts driving around the island, so we first headed to Cardenas. They didnít have any carts to rent at all. Next, we tried Gomar, and were met with a curt, weíre closed. We stopped by a few other places, ending up at the place next to the bank, with no luck. We were told that they prefer to rent either by the hour, or by the 8 hour day, because they make more money that way. We were beginning to feel a little discouraged. Did we really need a golf cart? Not really, but it was nice to have the freedom to explore where we wanted to. My dad made eye contact with a gentleman who was getting on his scooter, and he asked if we needed golf carts. He took off zig zagging through town, with the 7 of us straggling behind him. After stopping at 2 more rental places, we finally found carts at PPEs. We then headed home for showers and a rest before heading back to town for supper.
Our plan for supper was Picus. We managed to go to the right place this time! We had very good food-lobster for me, Lindsay and Chris, shrimp dishes for mom and dad, and chicken for Jeff and Ross. Lindsay said that Chris ate lobster every night on their vacation. After supper, we decided that we should stop by DigaMe and check in with reality. Ross again made a new friend-he's quite the ladies man.
mexico pics 062
We stopped by Cool for ice cream (again), then headed home.
Rossís big plan was to go home and party all night, but he fell asleep on the ride home, and we had to manhandle him into the house.

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