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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 13

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/4/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 8 Day 13

“Sun, Sand and Margaritas!”

Not about to break with tradition so I’m on the balcony again at 6am.
There’s a large bank of clouds on the horizon….

As I’m admiring the view, I hear the gate near the Roca Mar pool open and close.
Taking a peek I see the military heading out to the malecon.
Sorry it’s blurry….I guess I rushed!…

With the excitement over, I hop back in bed until 7:30.
I wake up sleepyhead and ask him to hop on the scooter
and take my to Playa Norte for some early morning pictures. That gets him moving quickly!
Before we head off, I take a walk out to the
malecon in front of Roca Mar to capture the damage from the hurricane last winter….

It’s very sad to see the damage done,
but I know they will eventually have the
malecon restored. They are working on it!

Off in a flash to Playa Norte….shimmering in the
morning sunlight…

We find palapas waiting just for us…


And Vince takes this picture which he quickly
calls ‘Ocho Amigos”…

We walk towards Buho’s area in search of a
kitty that we saw nearby yesterday. We
finally find him having his morning bath…doesn’t
he look like
Charlie Chaplin!?

We leave him to his privacy and head back home
with a quick stop at the bank to exchange
traveller’s cheques….good rate again at $8.8MXP/CDN.
As we drive up the hill towards Roca Mar, Vince gets
a whiff of M & J’s and decides that we should have a
big breakfast today. Well, he does have a big breakfast….Mexican scrambled eggs with those
yummy potatoes and his usual glass of Chaya.
I have my usual as well….toast, jam and
fresh squeezed OJ. It’s all super delish…Vince has
to keep slapping my fork away to stop me from
nibbling all his potatoes! The total bill
is $120MXP with tip.

By 11 we are arriving at the beach where this awaits…

It’s super hot out so I’m tempted to get chairs
and an umbrella again. As luck would have it,
we walked past the chairs and a lady got up and
asked if we wanted theirs. They had to leave
the beach to go back and pack for their flight
home to Sweden. I offer to pay her but she won’t
hear of it, and even gives us their coupons for
the 3 free pops as well. We offer thanks and
wishes for a safe flight. That was so nice
of her! I’m happy to camp out here today!

The day lazes away and so do we….the popcorn
man comes by and we enjoy our usual afternoon
treat. Jan and Bruce find us during their
daily beach walk and I coerce Jan into joining
me in my traditional beach back picture. I
really had to twist her rubber arm!…

Vince stays out in the water and works on
another panoramic pictures of Playa Norte…

By 3:30, Vince is begging and pleading….okay, okay!
Off to the scooter we go…Vince puts on his helmet
and freaks out…it doesn’t fit!!
“My head must have swelled up!”
It turns out that he just twisted the straps….maybe
I should drive honey!?

We zoom off down the west side, stopping in at
Playa Lancheros to stretch our legs, then it’s
off to the gift shop at Punta Sur where we picked
up some souvenirs for the kids. Enjoying the
peace and quiet on the east side of the island
we make our way to Sergio’s in time for sunset.
As we round the corner to get to Playa Sol, the
back tire skids on some loose sand and Vince has
to do some very quick handling to stop us from
falling over. I think there was a little swearing
and yelling at that point, oopsie!….did anyone hear us?

I definitely need a drink after that! Vince
fetches banana daiquiris and cervezas. It’s
happy hour 2 for 1, so I’m feeling much happier
after those treats! While we’re sipping away and
enjoying the view, a couple of the girls who walk
the beach all day selling their goods, surround me.
I can’t resist their sweet smiles and am soon the
proud owner of several woven bracelets. Christina
and Veronica are very excited when I show them
their picture…

Jan and Bruce arrive and we enjoy the view together…

Funny how we had the same bank of clouds at
sunrise and sunset!

Even after the sun disappears, the clouds continue
to give us a show…

Some friends of Jan and Bruce’s arrive and we
meet Les and Nat. As it turns out Les and I
have exchanged emails before so it was fun to
meet in person. We’ll enjoy sharing some fun
times with them in the next few days!

With tummies beginning to rumble we agree to
meet up with Jan and Bruce at Amigos after a
quick clean-up. It is incredibly hot and humid
tonight…26C with 86% humidity. No point in doing
anything with my hair with that kind of humidity!

We arrive at Amigos and the staff quickly puts a
table together for us…

Food and drinks are ordered…
Jan—Lime margarita and Fish fillet and roquefort sauce
Bruce—Mojito and Fish fillet in Chaya….(woohoo…Jan’s getting lucky tonight!)
Vince—Strawberry margarita and Fish fillet in roquefort sauce
Doris—Strawberry margarita and Fish fillet in garlic
Everything was just delicious! Notice the twice-baked potatoes on Vince and Jan’s
plate….those were AWESOME! Bruce and I had more than a few nibbles of those!

Our part of the bill came to $350MXP including tip.
And those margaritas definitely added to our laughter.
If you want a margarita buzz, get one at Amigos!

Feeling giddy we all wander, or should I
say, zig zag, along Hidalgo to the next
Margarita spot, Adelita’s. It’s right next to
Fayne’s where the band is playing and the girls
in mini skirts are dancing. Vince and Bruce
find us a table with a great view…bad boys!
Margaritas are ordered…some of each colour!…

Bruce happily tells me that the margs are 2 for 1
here. Great, that’s like half price, right?
Nope….it means that we each get 2 margaritas!!!

Oh no! I’m having trouble enough staying on
this chair, how will I walk home!?

We’re happily enjoying the scenery and watching
all the happy people. Next to us I see this
fellow with a torch kind of thing….he’s pouring
some kind of liquid on it….while smoking….that can’t
be good. Should I move?! In a second the torch is
lit and he begins a fire show at Fayne’s.
It was fun!…

And he was kind of cute!…

With the last sip of all our margaritas gone,
it’s time to find our pillow….even the dogs have
gone to sleep!

Thanks for some more great laughs, Jan and Bruce!
The end to another perfect day in paradise!

**Report Card
--Bank rate—once again the rate at the bank for
Canadian was much better than at the cambios.
--M & J Cazuela’s—Delicious as always
--Popcorn from the older fellow on the beach—he’s
so nice and it’s a perfect snack--$10MXP
--Bracelet girls—4 bracelets for $100MXP. The girls
are sweet and the bracelets are nice, although I
still haven’t figured out which knot will keep
them on!
--Sergio’s happy hour—When they have bananas the
banana daiquiri’s are good!
--Amigo’s—Excellent food, very strong margaritas!
--Adelita’s—Good margaritas but not as strong
as Amigo’s…that’s probably a good thing! They
are 2 for $55MXP.

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