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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 15

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/7/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 15 – March 7

“Playa del Carmen, here we come!”

Up early once again but as I stumble to the balcony, the sky is very sad looking. No cheery sun shining on me so I crawl back into bed until 7. Once we are awake we have to scurry, as we are meeting the gang…aka Jan, Bruce, John, Faith…at the ferry dock. We’re off on an adventure today! We had prearranged to meet some friends from Vancouver who were staying at an all-inclusive south of Playa del Carmen. We were very happy when our Isla friends decided to tag along for the day. By 8am we are skimming across the sea and the sun is out in full force…

We think that we’ll save a ton of money if we walk across the street from the ferry terminal to catch a taxi to the bus station. We can’t all fit in one, so the girls get in one and the boys wait for the next one…it was $30MXP per taxi. There’s a mad dash for the colectivo stop but there’s a huge line-up and there won’t be another van for about 20 minutes. John and I run over to the bus station where they tell me that there’s a bus leaving right now. I buy the tickets and tell John to run back to the colectivo stop to get everyone over here. It must have looked quite comical how we were all running about. As it was, we all got on the bus and then sat there for about 10 more minutes before they decided it was full enough to go. $34MXP each for one way to Playa del Carmen.

Lots of traffic leaving Cancun and it’s fairly slow going. Jan and Bruce pull out some crackers and cheese and my tummy grumbles. Kind of skipped brekkies this morning in favour of some more sleep! They are nice enough to share their goodies.

We arrive in Playa at 10:10am where we all split up to do our best ‘shop 'til you drop’. We let them know that we’ll be at the Blue Parrot around noon visiting with Sid and Sylvia. Off we go to find Joe Natural so Vince can get some new leather. I find a nice leather bracelet with blue beads as well. We shop here every time we come to PDC and the girl remembers us from last July.

Purchases done, I am dying of heat so it’s off to the Blue Parrot where we find a table under an umbrella and quickly sink our toes into the cool sand. It’s good to be back in Playa, but boy, is that beach busy! We first started coming here in 1999 and it certainly has changed a lot.

We’ve only been there a few minutes enjoying the view when Sid and Sylvia arrive. We met them on our first holiday to the Mayan Riviera in ’99 when we all stayed at the Iberostar Tucan. We all live in British Columbia, but we seem to meet up in Mexico more often than at home! Great to see them again! A few minutes later Faith and John arrive, followed by Jan and Bruce. Drinks are ordered and the chatter begins.

As we’re happily visiting and taking in the view, my mouth drops open when I see Stacy, Colin and their son Cody walk by! They are also friends from home who were on Isla Mujeres last week and are staying in PDC this week. What a small world!

Cody, Doris, Stacy, Colin

Vince joins the fun…

Food has arrived and Stacy and Colin join us. They are enjoying PDC but find it very expensive compared to Isla. Told ya! Vince orders shrimp quesadillas with cheese…$80MXP. Our waiter was not the greatest and when he brings the bill, there are some serious mistakes. Jan had ordered tuna ceviche for $80MXP but was charged for a tuna steak at $250MXP. Ouch! That was corrected, but it wasn’t until we were on the bus back to Isla that I realized that Vince and I had paid for our drinks twice. We had paid right away for our drinks when we arrived, but then they were on the bill too and we had forgotten. Our mistake. We’ve always enjoyed the Blue Parrot but we might be ready to try some new beach bar next time!

Visiting time is over and we say adios to Sid and Sylvia. Jan and Faith want me to take them to Joe Natural for some goodies of their own, so we head that way, while the boys decided to go….wherever! As long as they are at the bus depot by 3:30…and fairly sober too please!

Jan and Faith get a bracelet each….very pretty ones too, with colourful beads. I find some sunglasses for my son Jordan…he loved them! Next we start looking for a new visor for Jan. We end up on a few side streets and finally find one…I think we might have broken one while trying it on…did we girls? We wander up 5th avenue….the new ‘Karen’s’ is open…looks very nice.

We get to the bus depot in plenty of time, but no men. Oh boy, who knows what they are up to! They finally show up just in time and after a quick bano visit, we get tickets and head for the bus. John has a problem when he buys his ticket…seems to be some problem with the amount of change he received, as in, not enough! After some dickering, it seems that the girl will only give him money back after she balances her till. We can’t wait for that so off we go to the bus, with John shaking his head. Poor Sparky!

There’s a lot of snoozing while the bus makes its way to Cancun. We arrive just around 5 and after a $40MXP taxi ride, we arrive at Puerto Cancun with our return tickets in hand. Boy, does it feel nice to be going back ‘home’! We all sit up on the top deck to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

Another perfect end to another perfect day!

Home to some quick showers….no quick showers tonight! Vince goes first and the water stops before he’s finished. It starts up again after a minute or two, but when it’s my turn, the water stops again. Of course I had a head full of shampoo at the time! It didn’t come back on in either cold or warm or hot for over 15 minutes! That was frustrating. But hey, we’re on holiday….my hair was just getting some extra conditioning!

We arrive late, of course, at CoMoNo's, where we meet Jan and Bruce.

This is a new little tapas bar….neat décor, hookah pipes…didn’t know who this fellow was so I’ve given him some anonymity!...

…for flavoured water…but the most uncomfortable bar stools. If you have some booty, it is darn hard to stay balanced on that thing! But, the food and service is great, so that more than makes up for it. There are ‘normal’ chairs out in front.

We start by ordering 4 different dips with bread…all yummy. Then we ordered ‘labineh’….a dip with cream cheese, pine nuts and cilantro. We also spread that on the bread, which they bring more of as you need it. Next was an order of tempura shrimp with some sweet chili sauce and some meat kebabs with tahini sauce and lime. And because, we’re piggies we also ordered, not one, but TWO, ‘home salads’….They are huge!!!!! Only get 1 for 4 people! I swear we turned into bunny rabbits after all that lettuce, but they were very very good!

Everything was delicious and the service was very good….$200MXP for each couple, including drinks and tips. I asked to use their bano before we left….it’s upstairs on the roof where they have more seating area…big mattresses for laying out under the stars. The bano is quite interesting….lit by a very dim red bulb that takes some time to adjust to. And then, once your eyes adjust, you might want to take a closer look at all the photos on the walls. Every picture involved a toilet but it was being used in some very, um, unique ways. Isla is such a learning experience!

We need to walk off that huge meal so where should we go. I know, I know! Let’s walk all the way to the other end of Hidalgo and turn left, and…..go to Color de Verano! No one fights me on that one so off we go. Vince has the lime sorbet and I had chocolate ice cream….delish! Good thing we had to walk all the way back home to help work that off! Happily exhausted from a long day the lights are out by 10:30.

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