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Texas to Isla-June2009-Day 2

Date: 3/9/2010

Day 2

Ice cold air conditioners make me smile! We woke up this morning to beautiful sun streaming through our patio door. The only problem was that it was 6:15 am. Evidently the sun comes up very early when you are close to the equator. Therefore, the executive decision was made to continue sleeping. Thankfully, Kate had snoozed the alarm in her room as well. We left for Jax and their magnificent breakfast tacos around 11am. After
tacos and guac,Michael headed back to PDM for a quick snooze. I figured that Kate had been on Isla for 16 hours and that was entirely too long to go without a trip to the beach.
Walking on the beach in the heat is quite difficult. I had forgotten this when my tour de Playa Norte started at Chi Chi and Charlies and was scheduled to end at the Avalon. We made it to Buhos before turning around and heading back to Sunset Grill for a cool down
cerveza. (By the way, the 2x1 sols are only for draft beer. ). Only in Mexico will I start drinking before noon and not feel guilty about it.

Post primera cerveza de la dia we decided to check out the sparkling new pool at Posada. I have to admit that I had not been to the old pool that was loved by so many, but the new pool is beautiful-and today-it was our own private pool for a few hours. Insert nap #3 for today.

After the fantastic nap in our igloo of room 311, we took off for dinner at Jax. Fish and chips times two took us through sunset and into the rest of our evening. A short stroll down the quiet sands of playa norte had us following the irresistable lights of buhos bar like a moth to a flame. Daniel was more than happy to wait on our tiny party of three.

Due to vigorous swinging and 7 cervezas, I left buhos with a few new bruises on my knees. It was these self-inflicted wounds that led us back to Faynes to wrap up the evening. An encore of Folsom Prison ensued shortly after our arrival. This time, Michael finagled the electric guitar from Javi which meant that I was now part of the crazy gringo y Mexicano show. The key of G was much better suited for us and I was impressed with the bands ability to follow our changes.
Big problem, Kate was now missing. Evidently, she ran into an Isla newbie that she had known for 18+ years. Dede and Hannah had been cordially invited to the formerly shunned wedding at Playa Media Luna. That just gave us one more reason to crash the wedding. (we didn¡¦t ƒº)
More beer, more crown, more dancing. I was lucky to be able to dance with one of the locals. Yescli is quite the dancer at around 6 years old. Her salsa steps put me to shame.

At this point, Michael became obsessed with taking a picture with a chair, yes, a chair. As Alex was trying to close Faynes, we were dragging a chair into the middle of hidalgo to shoot our next album cover. The 15 minute walk back to the hotel turned into an impromptu photo shoot of the drunken nature. It was defintitely time to call it a night. For some reason, I cannot find this photo album, no¡Xreally.

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