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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 1

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/20/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 1

Monday February 19

“We’re Almost There!”

After a wonderful sleep filled with songs by Maná, we wake to cloudy skies. It’s time to pack up the suitcases once again as we begin the final leg of our journey to Mexico. We take our time and check out just after lunch. Another visit to Starbuck’s for a jolt and then we see a ‘Big Dog’ store where we pick up a few things for the kids. Next stop is Target for a water camera and then it’s time for ME to shop! We get directions to the Burbank Mall and I head straight for…Victoria’s Secret! We don’t have their stores anywhere near us so this will be a treat….hmmm…might be a treat for Vince too….teehee. I ditch Vince at some CD store and tell him to come find me in half an hour. I didn’t plan it very well as Vince has the credit card…darn! I do as much as I can in that short a time and Vince can’t stop asking….”What is in this tiny little bag that cost so much!?” Men!!

Off on the road again, we head for the beach! We have to return our car to LAX so we take a detour via Santa Monica. Traffic comes to a stop in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We have time to do lots of sightseeing while we inch along. We finally make it to the Santa Monica pier…

The beach looks awesome but I can’t wait to see that beautiful blue of Playa Norte…

Too soon we have to hop back in the car and head for the airport. We arrive at the airport Avis drop-off area right on time and catch a shuttle to the terminal.

We check in at the Continental counter and then head for the International terminal for some dinner. We end up at the Daily Grill were Vince enjoys a cheeseburger, fries and Samuel Adams beer, while I nibble on a salad and some water…$31. Vince was quite surprised when they asked how he wanted his burger done…..uh, well done please!

Not feeling very satisfied from my salad, I suggest sharing a little treat for dessert. I’m pretty sure I saw a Hagen Daas nearby…yup, there it is! We get a small cup of Cookie Dough Dynamo…I savour every mouthful as it’s been a long time since I’ve indulged in such a treat.

Happily full, we make our way back to our terminal and head through security. We both get pulled aside….Vince has to go through a very thorough personal inspection that took quite a while. I just have to stand by while they ‘swipe’ our iPod boombox. While we’re being checked, someone yells out ‘brava, brava’ and everyone stands completely still and quiet. The security girl tells me not to move…trust me, I’m not moving! After a few minutes the all clear is given and guess what….they have to start the inspection procedures all over again. Good thing we have several hours until our flight leaves!

After all that excitement we’re happy to make our way to our gate and just sit and relax. We try to snooze but could they make the seats any more uncomfortable! Finally at 12:20AM we board the plane and at 1AM we are in the air. Siesta time!

Tuesday February 20

We land in Houston to cloudy skies at 5:30AM. Our luggage is checked through so we make our way to the gate for our next flight. We read and snooze for a while and then Vince’s tummy is grumbling so we head to Pappadeaux for his usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes. While Vince enjoys his brekkies, I make my way across the aisle to the duty-free shop. I buy a new perfume by Prada called Tendre and it is delivered to the plane when we board.

We take off a little late at 9:45AM….I can practically feel the sand in my toes by now! The wheels touch down at 11:30 to partly cloudy skies….We’re Here!!!!! We breeze through immigration and amazingly, the suitcases are there right away too. We get the green light and feel like we’ve won the lottery. A quick baño break and then it’s out in the sunshine and warmth. A total of 20 minutes! Victor from Jeromi transfers is waiting for us and speeds us away to the ferry. He drove as quickly as possible but we just miss the 12:30 ferry. Oh well, now we can just relax…..

Soon the ferry comes into view….

Vince is already in ‘holiday mode’…

By the time we are on the ferry, we are downright giggly…

Isla Mujeres comes into view and she looks beautiful…..

Soon the dock comes into view….

And guess who is waiting there for us….Stacy and Colin!...our friends from home who are on Isla Mujeres for the second time. Colin has a cerveza for Vince and Stacy has a water for me….ahhhhhh. What a great greeting! We get organized with a trike fellow for the short walk to Roca Mar and agree to meet Colin and Stacy at Sergio’s asap!

Up the hill we go and soon, we are home…

It’s a little tough walking up to the office and not seeing Ino…..but Alex is there and hands us the key to our room. I look at the tag….#309…hmmmm…..I reserved ‘our room’ #310 last February with Ino. We have a little discussion with Alex but it seems that someone else is in #310 and long story short, we won’t be able to move in there for another 5 days. Oh well. No biggie, although it was a little frustrating since we had confirmed several times over the past year and again just last week! I think they are getting things a little more organized now. Vincent, Alex and Leni are doing a great job.

Up to the room where we quickly change into swimsuits and then it’s time for the beach! It’s such a familiar wonderful feeling as we walk along Medina, knowing every step by heart. We take a moment to watch some festive dancers performing for the last day of Carnival.

We find Stacy and Colin waiting for us and mango and banana daiquiris are quickly ordered…yummy! Good friends from last year arrive…Jean and Rich…more hugs! It is so fun to be back!

We all sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Our amigos leave…we will see them later at the La Peña fundraiser. Vince and I are left to watch the sunset together….and it is a beauty…

How quickly we have fallen into the Isla rhythm….

As the sun sets below the horizon, we gather our tired selves and wander back to Roca Mar once again. We have some super quick showers and then there’s a knock on the door….Sparky! aka John…..he’s here to fill Vince in on the fishing adventure tomorrow, and plans are made to meet for breakfast. Non stop fun here!

Off to LaPeña for the fundraiser party and silent auction….100MXP each which included a drink and a door price ticket. All for a good cause…

Let the fun begin!....

Doris, Stacy and Colin…

Vince joins in…

Yes, you can drink beer and videotape at the same time…

The dancers were wonderful….

A new spot to store the camera!

The band was terrific…

Colin and Vince had a deep conversation….no idea what they were talking about, but they were both wearing far too many beads to be taken seriously!

Meanwhile Stacy shopped…

and I tried out the furniture….super comfy!

Stacy and Colin ended up paying $1200MXP for a dinner valued at $800MXP…but hey, it’s for a good cause! We aren’t lucky on any of the door prizes and tummies are starting to grumble…I can’t even remember when we last ate! Stacy and Colin join us at Angelo’s where we have a Hawaiian pizza, 3 waters and 1 Negra Modelo…total of $175MXP plus tip. It was just as delicious as I remembered.

Stacy and Colin say goodnight while Vince and I make our way back to the zocalo. Dancers are performing and crowds are gathered…

I think this must be the King and Queen of Carnival….

I can smell something good….yipppeee…the Churro Man!

The lady with him started pointing to my bead necklaces..she wanted one. I put one around her neck and she beamed! The churros were absolutely delicious. $15MXP for a bag. Vince has a different treat in mind and gets in line for tacos al pastor…$20MXP.

We take our goodies and find a seat on the stands to enjoy the view…

By 11:30 my eyelids are getting heavy and we take the few steps back to Roca Mar. Vince gets a few things ready for morning and by 12:30 we are snoring louder than the waves! It’s good to be Home!

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