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Trip with Mom and Diane

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 10/21/2008

In an effort (maybe a lazy one) to actually get the rest of this trip posted I am rolling the next few days into this one posting. I have been swamped with work and I need to put away the guilt of not finishing what I have started.

After a great night sleep we were ready to tackle our first full day. We decided to rent a cart and cruise the island. The skies were far from clear, but the temp was in the mid eighties and comfortable. We made our way over to the carribean side out past the airstrip and went out onto the beach to find a few shells and to show Diane seaglass, which she had never seen before. I did not realize she was going to get as into collecting shells as she did and soon I found myself telling her that she should not keep EVERY shell she found of interest...that sometimes it is a good idea to start a "collection" on a rock then decide which ones to take when we decide to move on. She soon had a huge collection going...not sure they even let you out of the country with that many!LOL She did narrow it down to a few after I assured her we would stop other places and on other days.


We explored isla and then made our way to the south point to enjoy a snack and a cervesa out on the platform overlooking cancun and the south end of isla. This is one of my favorite places to go for a break on "golf cart" days and just soak up the view and the sun. The weather was great and the rain was skirting around us as we headed over to Lancherios (sp?) for some of thier delicious fish.

We arrived just minutes before they skies broke loose and dumped more rain down on us...we did not care...we were under a palapa with a cervesa on a mexican island and the air was warm. Rain or no rain I always count myself lucky to be there. One by one we watched cateramans arrive full (ok 1/2 full) of day trippers. Of course they were fully exposed to the rain and soaked..some jumped in off thier boats and swam in (they were wet already) some ran down the dock to the shore but they all had one thing in common, they were all laughing and having a good time. One by one they passed us at our (dry) table on the beach and they all were joking and having fun. My sister Diane could not understand how this large group that had just rose over in the rain could not have one person in it that was unhappy. I said that every experience you can make the best of...its your choice and of course the main reason I explained is that this was a BOOZE cruise and that helped! My favorite group was the one that calmly walked to shore singing "I wanna know, have ever seen the rain" the air was heavy and their music carried....almost like being in the shower. I will never hear that song again and not think of that day.

The next day we spent on the beach in in town. Day three we grabbed another cart for the day and went for another spin around the island. The weather corruperated till we arrived to Zamas then it rained like no othere rain I have ever seen. It will only last a few minutes like all the other showers and then move on, right? Wrong!! It rained and rained and rained. It was the three of us with at least 10 Zama employees all sitting under a nice dry roof enjoying a few refreshments and watching it pour!! At one point we had to move from the lower level,which was now flooding, to the upper level. Our server so nice and brought us out warmed beach towels and wrapped us up!


It was actually a very enjoyable and somewhat comical experience. I have never been on the island when it has rained so much and yet was very warm the whole time, I wore a swimsuit and cover up the everyday. The comical part, well that would be sitting at Zamas and listening to Michael Jacksons "Thriller" CD over and over again....have not done that since the 80s!!!!!
Making our way back to town was harder than I would have thought and in retrospec I would have taken the "high" side of the island (carribean side) if I were to do it over again. All the roads were flooded and I was not sure how good it was for the cart to go thru water. The "puddles" always looked a lot more innocent until you were in the middle and it was too late to turn back. More than once I thought we would end up stalled in the middle. That again made a fun memory, so really the rain was not so bad and having the condo with a few extra amentities made it comfortable to hang out between showers.
That evening again cleared up and we spent it out and about in town.


Every evening as we made our way back to the condo there was a gentleman selling bakery goods out of his trunk/hatchback that we would stop and pick up a few items from..a nice tradition that I started with Julie and Denisa a few trips back.


A view of town from the condo

Next morning it was basically breakfast at the market and heading for home. Overall the vacation was a complete success and the rain really did not slow us down. The showers tend to come and go quickly so we never felt like we had to change plans on account of the rain. Now if you are a pure sun worshipper you may not like Oct. weather, but if you do all the other things that the island has to offer you will have a great time, no matter what the weather.

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