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Jan 2,Day 3 Isla Trip

By: Gringa1 (View Profile)
Date: 1/14/2007

Woke up early this morning and decided to have a shower but no water.Oh well I am on vacation and I will be swimming and on the beach in no time.
Went to M&J Cazuela's for breaky,ordered coffee $15 pesos,OJ&Carrot juice $20 pesos,Fruit Plate $42 pesos.I really loved the orange-carrot juice and ordered it every time I went to M&J's.

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Headed back to Beach in front of Sergio's.Maria came by with the Pepita's con chili y limon I had heard so much about on the message board so I had to buy some $10 pesos.I called her by her name and I'm sure she did not understand all I was saying but she gave me a big hug and a "Feliz Ano Nuevo".

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It was a hot one today where I had to go into the water as soon as I dried off a tad,ahhhh!

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Ziggy brought drinks to alot of the thirsty people to cool us off.That is so awesome to have the waiters serve you right on the beach.I am starting to love this place for sure now.

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Met a friend Rob and chatted with him for a bit.It started to cloud up a little at about 4PM so Rob & I walked over to Jax for a cerveza.

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We met up later at Miguel's and then went to Bamboo for dinner.Rob introduced me to the owner Rob and his wife Dedsy.

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Stopped by Chili Loco's to say Hi to Horhay.I was on the hunt for Pomegranite Tequila and had checked just about every restaurant and bar but could not find it.We went back to Miguel's again and I noticed some people looking at a nice red tall bottle.Oh my God that was it but Miguel only had 1 bottle in and said he would get more later, $45 US a bottle.Ended up going to La Pena to check it out for 1 more drink before hitting the hay at 2AM,Yawn!!!!

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