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JetBoo and Other Trip Ramblings. May 25 - June 1 oops 2 , 2008 part 2

By: allnicksgone (View Profile)
Date: 6/8/2008

Great, the photos worked. Now where was I?

Oh yes, the guard dog on duty was protecting us from intruders. Here he is guarding the back door.

Despite the protection, we did have a scare. One night as I was in bed just starting to doze off, I heard a loud CRASH! It sounded like a window being smashed. Oh my gosh, somebody was breaking in.

I was scared, but I bravely and quietly sneak down the steps in the dark expecting to encounter an intruder.

After a thurough inspection inside and out, my eyes, adjusted to the darkness, dont see anybody, or anything out of place. I turn on all the lights, and still nothing seems to be wrong. I have no idea what the noise could have been. Maybe I was just dreaming, so I go back to bed.

The next afternoon, I go to use the little 1/2 bathroom tucked under the steps. Now I know what that crash was.

The bottom of the picture frame fell off sending the glass crashing to the floor. What a relief to finally know what happened and I wasnt imagining things.

In preparation for Navy Day, helicopters were frequently buzzing around the house. It was not a constant annoying thing. They were neat to watch.

There were also many military men lined up on the streets guarding the base. I dont have any photos of them because my girlfriend didnt want to drive. She was afraid of the taxis and scooters. There were several occasions when the soldiers would stop us, machine guns in hand, to allow the other men, also heavily armed, to cross the road. If they were sporting jeans and t-shirts instead of military uniforms, it would have made me nervous.

Ok, enough for now. To be continued...

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